UPDATED (March 14): Parent letters are coming home today with students about the unused snow day procedures and dates. Read the parent letter here and also here in Spanish.

(Originally Posted March 6): As winter slowly winds down, unused snow days this year will be designated as give-back days. This means on those days there will be no school for all Ichabod Crane students. The Board of Education approved the dates listed below as these give-back days at their March 5, 2019, regular meeting.

For example, as of this date (March 6), the District has four more snow days allocated on the 2018-2019 calendar. If none of these are used for the rest of the school year, there will be no school for students on the dates listed in the first row below. If the District does need to use another snow day, then the dates in the following row (3 Days) would be give-back days and so on.

We will post reminders as each date approaches but all give-back dates are listed below for reference:


Number of Unused Snow Days  Dates School Not in Session for Students
4 Days 5/23, 4/18, 3/29 and 6/27*
3 Days 4/18, 3/29 and 6/27*
2 Days 3/29 and 6/27*
1 Day 6/27*

*June 27 Conference Day will be moved to June 26 and students will not attend on June 26