The Primary School was represented by our student Mia Pinto at the Albany Ronald McDonald House for the Read for RMH Awards Excellence Party. Below are a few pictures of Mia and the students from other districts in attendance at the event.

A description of the Read for Ronald McDonald House program, courtesy of their website:

Read for Ronald McDonald House encourages children in their achievements in reading, a core skill that is vital to their future success in life. By participating in this program, children gain skills in reading comprehension, grammar and critical thinking. By giving their time to help others – and using their reading skills to make a difference in their community – students experience empowerment and learn the value of community service. Offered as a school-based program and a small-group program, Read for Ronald McDonald House is simple to participate in. For one month, children will track their reading minutes on the provided reading calendar and ask family and friends to sponsor their reading. At the end of the month, donations are gathered and returned to the Ronald McDonald House.