During the last few weeks of the school year, we’re showcasing members of the Class of 2019 with Senior Spotlights. These students were selected in collaboration with the Ichabod Crane High School faculty and administration, but the entire Class of 2019 is an incredible group of young adults. We are so proud of each and every one of them.


Class of 2019 Senior Spotlight on Olivia Chandler


What was the best thing about being a senior?
The freedom! More freedom regarding schedules and classes, courtyard privilege, and leaving for lunch with NHS. Getting to hear from all my friends and peers about their college journeys and their decision was also a very exciting aspect of the year.


What was the worst or most challenging thing about being a senior?
Knowing high school is ending is both the best and worst thing about being a senior. As I’m writing this I only have 6 days left and I’m pretty upset about it! It is hard to imagine a life beyond Valatie and the community I have here.


The finish line is so close in senior year of high school. Did senioritis ever kick in at any point?
Yes! After first semester, senioritis definitely kicked in. The colleges I applied to needed my mid-year reports so once those were sent in it was difficult to always find motivation.


Now that you’ve reached that finish line, what advice would you give to incoming Ichabod freshman?

Find something in school to be passionate about. Connect your passion with extracurricular activities and stay in those clubs all 4 years. Finding a consistent community service activity is also a really good idea. Colleges love this and it’s such a great way to be involved in the school community and meet new people. Also, push yourself academically but have fun! You want to look back on your 4 years both happy with your academic achievements and how you spent your time otherwise.


In your time at Ichabod, who were those staff members (teachers or otherwise) who made a lasting positive impact on you?

I had incredible teachers and supporters at ICC. I am extremely grateful for all of my teachers from kindergarten to now. Special shout outs to Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Carey, who I was fortunate to have for three years in elementary school. I spent my middle school mornings and lunches with Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Edwards and have really fun memories from that time. Ms. Torre is my class advisor and best friend and I am so unbelievably grateful for her and what she has done for me and the school. Mr. Goold and Mr. Sanger helped me discover my love for history and pushed me through high school to work harder and longer. Mr. Sanger has also spent countless hours with me during and after school, helping me through my various dramatic crises, laughing at my foolishness, and reassuring me that Harvard Model UN wouldn’t be as scary as I thought. Humanities with Ms. Yeats this year is by far my most engaging and challenging course and I enjoy it so much because of her dedication to us. Mr. Near has been a pleasure to talk to everyday in the hall and I’ve learned some pretty important life lessons. I spent 6 years with Crane Acting Troupe, and staff members such as Mrs. Helfer and Ms. Yearwood will always hold a special place in my heart. Lastly, I owe a very big thank you to Mr. Shull for working with me and guiding me through high school and beyond. He is by far the coolest principal out there!


For the first time in a while, you’re not coming back to Ichabod in September. What does the fall look like for you?

I will be attending Hamilton College in Clinton, NY! I am beyond excited to spend the next four years studying government, world politics, history, religion, and anything else that sparks my curiosity.