Phase I of Construction

We are checking in and giving the Ichabod Crane School District Community an update on the current status of the Capital Improvement Project.

We are currently in Phase I of Construction. This phase includes the start and completion of two separate components of the Capital Project:


  1. Roof Replacement at Ichabod Crane High School 100 Wing. The construction bid contract for this component of the Capital Project was awarded to Henderson Johnson. The estimated completion date for this component is the end of Summer 2019.
      • Please note, the leaks in the High School Auditorium roof were repaired separately from the Capital Project since this roof was still under warranty.  


  2. Connecting Drive Between Primary and Middle Schools. The construction bid contract for this component of the Capital Project was awarded to HMA Contracting Corp. Preliminary construction work on this component will begin during Summer 2019, but primary construction will take place from mid-September – November 2019
    • Bus drop-off and pick-up for the beginning of the 2019-2020 school will not be affected by this component of the Capital Project. We anticipate minor changes in the drop-off/pick-up at these schools after the 19-20 holiday break and will inform Ichabod Crane families of them with advance notice. 

Of note is that costs for Phase I Construction came in approximately $200,000 under the pre-referendum projected estimates. 


Phase II of Construction

From Summer-December 2019 Ichabod Crane Administration and Capital Project architects – CSArch – are determining the order of Phase II Construction, which has an estimated construction cycle of Summer 2020-Fall 2022. 

After the Capital Project passed, several months were spent collaborating with all staff who will be impacted by future Project construction. This included a series of meetings and site visits with Ichabod Crane staff, administration and CSArch.  

In the coming months, impacted staff, district administration and CSArch will determine the most cost-effective and least disruptive Phase II construction schedule during ongoing bi-weekly meetings. These bi-weekly meetings will continue throughout every phase of the Project through completion. 


Upcoming Capital Project Public Presentations

CSArch will present on the current status of the Capital Improvement Project at the July 29 Special Board Meeting at 7 PM in the Ichabod Crane High School Library.   


Find even more information on our Capital Projects page.