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Speech/Language/Hearing Therapy Program

Communication skills are important for school success.

Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Learning are all connected.

Spoken language provides the foundation for the development of reading and writing. Problems with spoken language often result in difficulties in learning to read and write as well as difficulties in using language to communicate, think, and learn.

The Speech, Language, Hearing Therapy Program at the Primary School provides services for eligible children in kindergarten through second grade.  These services include:

  • Identification - screening children in the areas of articulation, language, listening, memory, problem solving, voice, fluency, social language.

  • Evaluation - using diagnostic and dynamic assessments to determine a child's strengths and needs to plan individual intervention programs.

  • Intervention - - providing intervention to improve communication and learning in small group and individual sessions both in and out of the classroom.

  • Consultation - meet and discuss with parents and teachers children's progress and needs and to provide instruction that promotes successful learning and communication.

Indications of Speech/Language/Hearing Problems could include:

  • Being a late talker

  • Speech that is unclear

  • Unable to clearly express thoughts and ideas

  • Problems following directions

  • Differences in voice

  • Repetitions and pauses in speaking rate and fluency

  • Having difficulty learning

  • Trouble talking in social situations

How can you help your children to listen, speak, and learn?

                            Talk to them.                           Listen to them.                        Read to them.  

family eating dinner together and talking                        Mother reading to children in bed           

If you have any concerns about your child?s speech, language or hearing, contact Nina Stegmann, Speech/Language/Hearing Specialist by email at nstegman@ichabodcrane.org or call 758-6931.