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About The KInderhook Education Foundation
Arts & Humanities Fund

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Purpose and History

The Kinderhook Education Foundation Arts and Humanities Fund was established in 2008 with the help of the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation and the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation. The purpose of the Fund is to provide Ichabod Crane Central School District (ICCSD) students of all grade levels with exceptional educational opportunities in the arts and humanities. The Fund supports ICCSD teachers and staff in providing creative and innovative projects for their students in the arts, music, history, character education, culture, media and more. It provides grants for visiting artists, performances, workshops, field trips, special projects, special materials and supplies, and teacher professional development. These are programs that are above and beyond the core programs supported by state and local funds.

In 2008, the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation graciously donated $95,000 to the Kinderhook Educaiton Foundation to establish the Kinderhook Arts and Humanities Fund. Forty-five thousand of that amount was set aside for an endowment and $50,000 was planned for grants of $10,000 each year for five years. To launch the fund, the donor required a $50,000 matching grant from the community. With the hard work and leadership of the Fund’s Grant Committee members, the Kinderhook community successfully raised that amount. In May of 2013, The Ellsworth Kelly Foundation gifted another $50,000 to the Fund to celebrate and honor the 90th birthday of Mr. Kelly. The Kinderhook community continues to be overwhelmed by the generosity of the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation. This Fund offers a stepping stone to expand the hearts and minds of all Ichabod students.

The Fund is an endowment fund which will allow for earnings to be distributed in grants on a yearly basis while ensuring that the Fund grows in perpetuity. Teachers, community members, artists, educators and cultural institutions are invited to apply for funding for grant projects that support the goals of the Fund. Applicants not affiliated with the District are required to obtain a sign off on the grant application with a representative of the school in which the project is proposed. Please see the Grants section for the link to which you can apply for funding to carry out an arts or humanities educational project within the Ichabod Crane Central School District.

The assets of the Fund are managed by Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization located in Sheffield, MA. The fund is in place solely to enhance the educational experience of the school district’s students.