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HS English Language Development Students & Illustration Students Work Together on Inheritance Books


Students with Inheritances' Books

(May 27, 2014) Each year, Ichabod Crane High School's English Language Development (ELD) students and the Illustration students work together on the "Inheritances" project and this year's project culminated on May 22 when the students from both classes came together to celebrate their hard work, receive their books, and sign everyone's copies.

Inheritances Book Signing"Inheritances VII" is the seventh time that the High School English Language Development Students and the Illustration students have come together as authors and illustrators to create a book. ELD students write, edit, and review personal stories with their teacher, Ms. Longhi. They then collaborate with Ms. Himmelstein's Illustration students to create accompanying artwork. With a grant from the Kinderhook Education Foundation Arts and Humanities Fund and Berkshire Taconic Foundation, the book is professionally printed by the Troy Bookmakers.

Another great job to all involved!

Photo at right, students sign "Inheritance" books on May 22.