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ICHS Students Experience WWII Up Close and Personal


Rebecca McBride Visit

Rebecca's husband, Rebecca McBride, Lily Harvitt, Connie Melone and Randy Goold

(April 4, 2014) On March 6, the World War II period was brought to life through first hand observation, personal narrative, and photographs shared by Rebecca McBride, a freelance writer and editor, and Lily Harvitt, a Holocaust survivor. Both shared their personal perspectives with Ms. Connie Melone's college level EN 102 class, English Literature and Composition, and Mr. Randy Goold's U.S. at War class. Rebecca McBride Visit

Ms. McBride, who lives in Old Chatham, discussed the background of her father's travel journal through Europe just prior to World War II, which is incorporated in her book, Traveling Between the Lines: Europe in 1938. The author offered responsive commentary to her father and response commentary to readers of the book about actions and events taking place during this historic time period. During a second visit, McBride spoke with EN 102 students about voice and journal writing. 

Ms. Garvitt, of Chatham, engaged the students with her gentle sincerity and significant personal story of her life in hiding as a young Jewish girl in Amsterdam. Harvitt's story can also be found on Youtube at

The WWII Personal Perspectives project is provided with support from the Columbia Arts & Humanities Project. The project is designed to enrich the social studies and English Regents curriculum and give students a better understanding of how WWII unfolded by learning about it through personal experiences just before and during the war. It has been held at Chatham High School for the last two years and is now at Ichabod Crane HS.