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ICC Long-Range Committee Continues Work

(Oct. 25, 2013) The Ichabod Crane Strategic Planning Committee met for a second day-long work session on Friday, Oct. 25 at the McNary Center in Kinderhook.

Building on the work the committee completed the day before, Questar III Assistant Superintendent Dr. Andrew DeFeo facilitated several more activities in the strategic planning process. Through individual, small and whole group work, the committee identified what they believe to be the challenges and competition facing the Ichabod Crane CSD. They also identified external factors on the district and defined what the intiatives of the district should be.

After two days of idea sharing, collaboration and open and honest communications, Dr. DeFeo complimented the committee on how well they worked together throughout the process. Committee members were very respectful toward each other by showing they were willing to listen to differing opinions, voices and perspectives.

The final meeting will be held on November 4 when a draft plan will be shared with the committee.

Read the summary from the committee’s meetings: