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Ichabod Crane High School Announces December Riders of the Month

(Feb. 10, 2015) Every month, Ichabod Crane High School honors students who demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. In response to student feedback regarding this award, we have decided to open up the Riders of the Month Honor to one male and one female for each grade level. These students have been recognized by high school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, volunteering in the Pre-K classroom and in the community.

We are pleased to announce the following students as Riders of the Month for the month of December:

  • Angelika Nelson – Grade 9
  • David Yankowski – Grade 9
  • Alexis Hoffman – Grade 10
  • John Mueller – Grade 10
  • Wesley Lyle – Grade 11
  • Maggie Moisan – Grade 11
  • Haley Hickman – Grade 12
  • Larz Schertel – Grade 12

To show his support of the Rider of the Month initiative, Congressman Gibson contacted Principal Mr. Shull to say he will be sending each Rider of the Month a letter congratulating them for this acknowledgement.

Here is what their teachers had to say about them...

Angelika Nelson
• Angelika actively serves as a class officer for the Freshmen class.
• She is a diligent student who works conscientiously at all she undertakes.
• She always has a positive outlook and a friendly attitude. Teachers and students both enjoy being around her.

Angelika Nelson

David Yankowski
• David is new to our high school and has adapted incredibly well. He is polite, conscientious, and an example of positivity to his friends and peers.
• He actively participates and excels in all of his classes and demonstrates great effort.
• David is a very good baseball player and will be trying out for the school team.

David Yankowski

Alexis Hoffman
• Alexis is a dedicated, positive and friendly student who is actively involved in many school and community activities.
• She is a member of the French Club and serves as treasurer for Habitat for Humanity.
• She recently participated in the French Club fund raiser to raise money for the trip to Canada this spring.

Alexis Hoffman

John Mueller
• John is incredibly well mannered and polite, helpful to both peers and staff.
• John always has a smile and something positive to say and is not afraid to stand up for what is right.
• He is an all-around exemplary student, a hard worker and any teacher would be lucky to have him in class.

John Mueller

Wesley Lyle
• Wesley is a polite, hardworking, conscientious student who actively participates in managing the school store. He is also a member of the garden club and yearbook.
• In addition to his school activities Wesley holds down a job outside of school.
• He is very caring and helpful to others both inside and outside of class. He is a great person to be around and is always lending a helping hand to students and staff.

Wesley Lyle

Margaret Moisan
• Maggie is super responsible and always stays on top of her work in class.
• She is also a very kind individual who is always willing to help out other students.
• Maggie is a pleasure to have in class and is a positive contributor to our school community.

Margaret Moisan

Haley Hickman
• The month of December Haley spearheaded the Student Council fundraising event "Holiday Tags for Charity". The money collected was donated to the Marion Stegmann Fund. Haley spent hours reaching out for donations and ended up collecting over $600 from students, staff and our community.
• Haley has been responsible for successfully promoting Spirit Week at the high school. She has helped to organize class competitions including dress up days and the annual pep rally.
• Haley is willing to take time to help fellow students and actively volunteers in the community.

Haley Hickman

Lawrence Schertel
• Lawrence demonstrates a high level of integrity, is responsible and very committed to his coursework; especially the arts at ICHS. He is a pleasant young man who leads by example.
• Lawrence is an outstanding member of the ICHS Music program. Currently a member of all performing arts ensembles, he is always well prepared with his musical literature. Honor organizations that he participates in include All County Vocal Jazz Ensemble, All County Band, All County Chorus, Area All State Band (all 4 years) and NYSSMA Solo-Ensemble Festivals.
• Lawrence is always available to help his fellow classmates and staff. This year alone, he has served as a volunteer DJ for dances and the Ring Dinner. He is someone we have come to rely on and he will help without question.

Lawrence Scheertel