2910 Route 9
Valatie, NY 12184
Mailing Address: PO Box 820, Valatie, NY 12184
Phone: 518-758-7575
Fax: 518-758-7579 (District), 518-758-2181 (High School), 518-758-1405 (Middle School), 518-758-2199 (Primary School)

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NameSchoolTitle / SubjectEmailPhone
Lee BordickDistrictInterim Superintendentlbordick@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 3002
Suzanne GuntlowDistrictAssistant Superintendentsguntlow@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 3009
Michael BrennanDistrictBusiness Managermbrennan@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 3009
Todd DiGrigoliDistrictManager, Food Servicetdigrigoli@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 3016
Mena Mazure DistrictTreasurer mmazure@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 3006
Karen Wied CarpenterDistrictPayroll/Accounts Payablekwied@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 3015
Amy Boothby DistrictSecretary to the Superintendentaboothby@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 3002
Angela CowanDistrictSecretary to the Assistant Superintendent and Business Manager/Registration
acowan@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 3009
Mindy PottsDistrictBoard Clerk/Tax Collectionmpotts@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext.3001
Aaron BogertDistrictCommunications Specialistabogert@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 3017
Paul CaputoDistrictDirector of Information
Len BatesDistrictIT
Dwight GrantDistrictNetwork Systems
Beth RuizHigh SchoolSchool
Michelle Warner, RNHigh SchoolHealth
Cole MoonHigh SchoolTechnology / Practical
Robert AllardHigh SchoolTechnology / Practical
Peg WarnerHigh SchoolDirector of Special Educationpwarner@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 6008
Barbara DugganHigh SchoolSpecial
Courtney DobkinsHigh SchoolSpecial
Andrew MeadHigh SchoolSpecial
Ingrid MonaghanHigh SchoolSpecial
Nicole NaefHigh SchoolSpecial
Brent PembertonHigh SchoolSpecial
Robert PielHigh SchoolSpecial
Eryn ThumanHigh SchoolSpecial
Craig ShullHigh
Debra MatacchieroHigh SchoolSecretary to the
Anthony MarturanoHigh SchoolAssistant
Kelly HillHigh SchoolSecretary to the Assistant
Holly KilcerHigh SchoolGreeter / Attendance
Tim StewartHigh SchoolAthletic
Sandra DwileskiHigh
Gayle AbramsHigh
Elizabeth Rossback (Leonard)High
Theresa LonghiHigh SchoolEnglish
Katherine SnyderHigh SchoolEnglish
Tom ChiappinelliHigh SchoolEnglish/Language
Nancy DolanHigh SchoolEnglish/Language
Dan FarleyHigh SchoolEnglish/Language Arts, Dept.
Katherine LindemannHigh SchoolEnglish/Language
Megan YeatsHigh SchoolEnglish/Language
Steve WerthnerHigh SchoolEnglish/Language
Amanda DeAloeHigh SchoolCounseling and Career
Melissa VoorisHigh SchoolCounseling and Career
Michele EvansHigh SchoolCounseling and Career
Tania YearwoodHigh SchoolCounseling and Career Center - Secretarytyearwood@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 4008
Lisa DuffekHigh SchoolLanguages Other Than English - Dept.
Abrayshka OrtizHigh SchoolLanguages Other Than English - Dept.
Scott PayneHigh SchoolLanguages Other Than English - Dept.
Jennifer Two-AxeHigh SchoolLibrary Media Services, Dept.
Victoria AustinHigh
Steven CangemiHigh
Meredith GrizzaffiHigh
Linda KnightHigh SchoolMath, Dept.
Emily LockHigh
David VonaHigh
John WilaryHigh
Kim ZorziHigh
Jennifer EdwardsHigh
Karolyn EberhardtHigh
Sarah CotsonasHigh SchoolPhysical Education/
Dan FunkHigh SchoolPhysical Education/
Tracy NytranskyHigh SchoolPhysical Education/Health, Dept.
Maureen SgambelluriHigh SchoolPhysical Education/
Tim StewartHigh SchoolPhysical Education/
Curt BarfordHigh
Barbara ByrneHigh SchoolScience, Dept.
Clarise RobinsonHigh
Cori DrummondHigh
Alissa FerlitoHigh
Anastassia GonyeaHigh
Todd MeganHigh
Greg MillerHigh
Beth MuthHigh
Scott StafiejHigh
Jodi GajadarHigh SchoolSocial
Randy GooldHigh SchoolSocial
Tim O’BrienHigh SchoolSocial
Angela PembertonHigh SchoolSocial
Patrick SangerHigh SchoolSocial Studies, Dept.
Maureen Van TasselHigh SchoolSocial
Timothy FarleyMiddle
Marcella SanchezMiddle SchoolAssistant
Jacqueline ColeMiddle
Katherine GulisaneMiddle SchoolSecretarykgulisane@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 5002
Lisa SchmittMiddle SchoolGreeter/Attendancelschmitt@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 5001
Carrie DuganMiddle SchoolGrade 4 (TA)
Teresa KirkerMiddle SchoolGrade
Susan MalleryMiddle SchoolGrade
Emily MarcellaMiddle SchoolGrade 4 (SPED)
Lauren MillerMiddle SchoolGrade
Judith OomsMiddle SchoolGrade 4 (SPED)
Kim PalmerMiddle SchoolGrade
Jennifer RickertMiddle SchoolGrade
Maria WalshMiddle SchoolGrade
Stephanie BellMiddle SchoolGrade
Kathleen BolstadMiddle SchoolGrade
Michele CareyMiddle SchoolGrade
Donald DingeeMiddle SchoolGrade
Christine HammMiddle SchoolGrade 5 (SPED)
Susan JermainMiddle SchoolGrade
Kelly NicolettaMiddle SchoolGrade 5 (TA)
Eugene RingwoodMiddle SchoolGrade 5 (TA)
Christopher SouliaMiddle SchoolGrade
Linda WheelerMiddle SchoolGrade 5 (SPED)
Victoria DickMiddle SchoolGrade 6 (TA)
Tracey GoldMiddle SchoolGrade 6 (Team Leader)
Lori Jeanne KrugerMiddle SchoolGrade 6 (SPED)
Tami LabattMiddle SchoolGrade 6 (TA)
Elisa McNeilMiddle SchoolGrade
Mary MiddletonMiddle SchoolGrade 6 (SPED)
Elisabeth MilotMiddle SchoolGrade
Melanie MoonMiddle SchoolGrade
Victoria PersicoMiddle SchoolGrade 6 (TA)
Dara RexhouseMiddle SchoolGrade 6 (TA)
Debra RiveroMiddle SchoolGrade
Leigh Ann SchermerhornMiddle SchoolGrade 6 (TA)
Patricia TollertonMiddle SchoolGrade
Gail ColtonMiddle SchoolGrade 7 (TA)
Anne FlemmingMiddle SchoolGrade 7, English Language
Jennifer GecewiczMiddle SchoolGrade 7,
Katherine Johnson (TA)Middle SchoolGrade 7 (TA)
Mary LilesMiddle SchoolGrade 7,
Lara MarottaMiddle SchoolGrade 7, Social
Julianne MontrossMiddle SchoolGrade 7, Team Leader (SPED)
Victoria FrisbeeMiddle SchoolGrade 7/8,
Robert HannaMiddle SchoolGrade 7/8, Social
Anne KrizarMiddle SchoolGrade 7/8 (TA)
Terry PetroccioneMiddle SchoolGrade 7/8, Science (Team Leader)
Catrina ScullyMiddle SchoolGrade 7/8, English Language
Mary Beth WatrousMiddle SchoolGrade 7/8 (SPED)
Karen BrinkMiddle SchoolGrade 8, Social
Erin BulanMiddle SchoolGrade 8, English Language
Shari DowlingMiddle SchoolGrade 8,
Kim FunkMiddle SchoolGrade 8,
Janet Haywood (TA)Middle SchoolGrade 8 (TA)
Jeffrey MontagueMiddle SchoolGrade 8,
Marianne NollMiddle SchoolGrade 8, Team Leader (SPED)
Danielle GormanMiddle SchoolGrade 6,7,8
Tammara RouseMiddle SchoolGrade 6,7,8
Jessica Mascolo (Borrell)Middle
David ManarelMiddle SchoolEnglish Language, Co-Dept.
Katherine SnyderMiddle SchoolEnglish Language, Co-Dept.
Maureen KuhnMiddle SchoolFamily and Consumer Science / Home and Career
Susan HallenbeckMiddle SchoolLOTE, French/
Julia JohnsonMiddle SchoolLOTE,
Kara O’HareMiddle SchoolLOTE,
Scott PayneMiddle
Dale TuczinskiMiddle SchoolSchool
Joan WhiteMiddle SchoolSchool Counselor, Dept.
Sarah CotsonasMiddle
Elizabeth KellyMiddle SchoolLibrary Media
Michele RobillardMiddle SchoolLibrary Media Services (TA)
Amy GiammatteiMiddle
Rukan KhondkerMiddle
Allesandra ShellardMiddle
Sara WalshMiddle
Gosia GeigerMiddle SchoolPhysical
Jason JauseMiddle SchoolPhysical
Adam VoorisMiddle SchoolPhysical
Selena CookMiddle SchoolAcademic Intervention Services (AIS)
Jennifer CramerMiddle SchoolAcademic Intervention Services (AIS)
Lauren InfantinoMiddle SchoolAcademic Intervention Services (AIS)
Patricia RathkeMiddle SchoolAcademic Intervention Services (AIS)
Kathryn WalterMiddle SchoolAcademic Intervention Services (AIS)
Steve LeaderMiddle SchoolTechnology, Dept.
Laura SarnoMiddle SchoolSchool
Erin TyrolMiddle SchoolSchool
Ashley KnowlesMiddle SchoolSpeech-Language
Kristin SaccentoMiddle SchoolSpeech-Language
Sarah CotsonasMiddle SchoolHealth
Andrea WilliamsPrimary
Kelly HodgesPrimary SchoolSecretary to the Principalkhodges@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 6002
Crystal FirstPrimary SchoolAttendance/Greetercfirst@ichabodcrane.org518-758-7575, Ext. 6001
Nicole CanutesonPrimary SchoolKindergarten (TA)
Jaime EastmanPrimary
Jayne FergusonPrimary SchoolKindergarten (TA)
Britney FirstiunPrimary SchoolKindergarten (SPED)
Lynn LaBountyPrimary SchoolKindergarten (TA)
Nicole LuckfieldPrimary
Lindsay MeyersPrimary
Jackie PurificatoPrimary SchoolKindergarten (SPED)
Angela ShevyPrimary
Kate TurrinPrimary
Patricia WestoverPrimary SchoolKindergarten (GLC)
Kara AbattoPrimary SchoolFirst
Karen BaillargeonPrimary SchoolFirst
Julie EckholmPrimary SchoolFirst
Sandra FunkPrimary SchoolFirst
Terri LaBriePrimary SchoolFirst
Sarah LantPrimary SchoolFirst
Megan LoefkePrimary SchoolFirst
Tara PattersonPrimary SchoolFirst Grade (TA)
Karen VecellioPrimary SchoolFirst
Michele WebbPrimary SchoolFirst Grade (TA)
Melissa WelcomePrimary SchoolFirst
Melissa BarfordPrimary SchoolSecond Grade (TA)
Jennifer BeebePrimary SchoolSecond Grade (GLC)
Margaret BortugnoPrimary SchoolSecond Grade (TA)
Shauna CaldwellPrimary SchoolSecond
Berit EricksonPrimary SchoolSecond Grade (SPED)
MaryAnn Gorke-VerroPrimary SchoolSecond
Chris HughesPrimary SchoolSecond
Megan KimPrimary SchoolSecond
Kayla PetilliPrimary SchoolSecond
Maxine SeamanPrimary SchoolSecond
Holly VincentPrimary SchoolSecond
Jennifer WarringtonPrimary SchoolSecond Grade (SPED)
Christine BaileyPrimary SchoolThird
Tina ButterworthPrimary SchoolThird
Darcy BurnsPrimary SchoolThird
Maria DoubravaPrimary SchoolThird Grade (SPED)
Alyssa FoderaPrimary SchoolThird
Kathy KellyPrimary SchoolThird Grade (TA)
Lisa LaBriePrimary SchoolThird
Mary OlesPrimary SchoolThird Grade (GLC)
Amber PorpaPrimary SchoolThird Grade (TA)
Erin ShullPrimary SchoolThird
Maria WuchtePrimary SchoolThird Grade (TA)
Elizabeth AddisonPrimary
Anna KempPrimary SchoolEnglish Language
Jennifer DunnPrimary SchoolEnglish Language
Jennifer ThompsonPrimary SchoolEnglish Language
Amy StephensonPrimary SchoolGuidance and
Alanna Moss (Almstead)Primary SchoolLibrary Media
Jodie JacquePrimary
Nancy Matusiak (OT)Primary SchoolOccupational
Antonia Diaz (PT)Primary SchoolPhysical
Tom CallPrimary SchoolPhysical
Dan CremoPrimary SchoolPhysical
Jennifer FarrellPrimary
Laura FranzesePrimary
Katherine GardnerPrimary
Kristina LaBargePrimary
Vikki SkarzynskiPrimary
Kelly BinsPrimary SchoolSchool
Jean CalvinPrimary SchoolSpecial
Sandra FordPrimary SchoolSpecial Education (TA)
Kristen RoffPrimary SchoolSpecial Education (TA)
Danielle DesmoniePrimary SchoolSpeech and Language
Taylor DierPrimary SchoolSpeech and Language
Alyson YoderPrimary SchoolSpeech and Language
Faith KubowPrimary SchoolHealth Services (RN)
Stephanie HowePrimary SchoolHealth