Clubs and Activities

Art Club, Mrs. Rossback & Mrs. Mascolo
Art Club is a group of students that meets after school twice a month on Thursday, to learn about art and artistic media, create artwork, and discover the new and creative ideas within.

Book Club(s), Mrs. Kelly
Book Club meets monthly, during lunch periods, to discuss a book chosen by the group. She also meets with a group after school.

Chess Club, Mr. Manarel
Chess Club will meet every other Monday to teach the basic rules and strategies of the game. There will be a focus on etiquette and sportsmanship as well.

DC Club, Mrs. Marotta
The goal of the DC Club is to successfully plan and implement a yearly trip to Washington, DC for students during their 8th grade year. Every student in 6th, 7th and 8th grade is a member of this club. It is a student-based organization that plans and implements fundraisers throughout the year. Students earn points that will result in a reduction in cost of their trip. The more students participate, the more points they earn. Please see Mrs. Marotta in Room 211 for more information. You can read more about the Middle School DC Club on their website.

Five/Six Pops, Ms. Giammattei
The goal of Five-Six Pops is to provide a select instrumental performance group for 5th and 6th graders.  Students are chosen by audition or invitation by the band director. Five-Six Pops performs pop music at the winter and spring concerts and rehearses on Tuesdays after school.

Friends of Rachel (FOR),  Mrs.Middleton & Mrs. Rexhouse
Open to students in grades 6-8, the goal of FOR is to continue Rachel Scott’s chain reaction of kindness, compassion and acceptance in the Middle School. Activities include Random Acts of Kindness, Chain of Kindness, food drives and possibly an activity night

Jr. Honor Society,  Mrs. O’Hare & Mrs. White
The NJHS strives to recognize the total eighth grade student while focusing on the ideals of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character & Citizenship. 2018-19 is the first school year for the Jr. Honor Society.

Jr. SAVE (Students Against Violating the Earth), Mrs. Gold
The goal of SAVE is to educate the Ichabod Crane community about local and global environmental issues. Additional activities that may be included will involve social activities, fund-raising activities as well as community service activities. Additionally, the Group operates the Middle School can, plastics and paper recycling programs.

Odyssey of the Mind, Mrs Stickles
Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students. Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. Team members work together at length to solve a predefined problem (the long-term problem); and present their solution to the problem at a competition. Contact Jamie Stickles at (518) 588-8046 or for more information.

Newspaper/Media Club, Mrs. McNeil & Mrs. Milot
The goal of the Newspaper Club is to provide an opportunity for Middle School students to have an experience in journalism and to provide the student body with information on events in their school.

Pawsitive Peers, Mrs Sarno
A club designed to help students develop an awareness of kindness and compassion for all living creatures, to teach relationship responsibility, to plan, create and implement fundraisers for our dog program & to build academic skills and confidence by reading/working with a dog partner.

Peer Mediation, Mrs. Colton
Mediation is an opportunity for students in conflict to sit face to face and talk without being interrupted, so that both sides of the dispute can be heard. It is a problem solving approach where an agreement is reached by both students involved in the dispute. Student mediators are trained to conduct the mediation meeting and to ensure that the session is helpful and fair.

School Store, Mrs. McNeil
The goal of the MS school store is to provide students an opportunity to learn how to inventory and order and learn basic bookkeeping skills. Students will also learn customer service skills and learn how to advertise the school store supplies. This club also provides inexpensive supplies to students in the morning during homeroom.

Select Band/Jazz Band, Ms. Sarah Walsh
The goal of Jazz Band is to provide a select instrumental performance group for the students in the Middle School Band Program. Jazz Band is open to 7-8th graders by audition or invitation by the band director. Special events will include winter and spring concerts.

Sing Swing, Ms. Eberhardt: The goal of Sing Swing is to provide a select vocal jazz/pop chorus for the students in the Middle School Choral Program. Special events will include a winter concert as well as a spring concert.

Ski/Snowboard Club, Mrs. Colton: The goal of the Ski/Snowboard Club is to provide an opportunity for High School and Middle School students to participate in the exhilarating winter sports of alpine skiing and snowboarding.

STEM Club, Mrs. Gecewicz: Do you like to identify problems, brainstorm ideas, design solutions, test, retest and build, and share ideas?   Are you interested in Science – Technology – Engineering – Math? If you do, join us in STEM Club! We will complete various project-based learning activities to engage in the world of STEM!  This club is open to students in grades 7 & 8, and has limited availability.

Student Council, Mrs. Colton
A student-run organization that is in charge of fundraising opportunities and providing extra-curricular activities for Middle School Students. Student activities include field trips, service projects, activity nights and character-building presentations. The students help build school spirit and are encouraged to participate in many different events. Officers are elected into office in the spring of the previous school year with homeroom representatives elected in the fall.

Walking Club, Mrs.Cotsonas
The Walking Club is an opportunity for students to exercise, meet new friends and enjoy the outdoor environment. We meet two or three days a week after school in the fall and in the spring.

Yearbook, Mrs. Geiger & Mrs. White
The goal of the Yearbook Committee is to involve Middle School students in the development of a yearbook that is a record of events and accomplishments of the Middle School community. Additional activities that may be included will involve social activities, fund raising activities as well as community service activities. The yearbook committee will meet as needed throughout the school year.