Riders of the Month

Ichabod Crane Middle School is proud to honor our students who demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by middle school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, and in the community.

The program complements the Rider of the Month program launched at Ichabod Crane High School a few years ago. Students receive a certificate as well as an ice cream coupon donated by Stewarts.


MAY 2019

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Leonel Bravo-Ramirez: Leonel is a wonderful student that strives to do his best at all times. Leo has made tremendous progress throughout this school year. He has a positive attitude and is caring and polite to his classmates. He is a very hard worker and always accepts help with appreciation. Leonel is respectful and is always appreciative of even the smallest gestures. We are so lucky to have him in our class.

Benjamin Ferris: We are pleased to announce Benjamin Ferris as Rider of the Month! Ben is a kind and caring classmate. He is always willing to lend a hand to a peer in need and is also an excellent classroom helper. He is a positive role model and a kind, compassionate classmate. Ben is also a very hard-working student. Even when things are difficult, he always gives his best effort with a smile on his face and never becomes discouraged! He approaches each day with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. It is exciting to watch Ben learn and grow as both a student and a person. Way to go, Ben! Keep up the great work!

Elias Davis: It is with great pleasure that we nominate Elias to be a Rider of the Month. He moved into the district in the summer and started here in September. He easily transitioned into his new environment and quickly became a positive addition to our school community. Elias is a hard-working young man. He puts great effort into everything he does. Elias is extremely kindhearted, he loves to help students and staff alike. He is the student who holds the door open for others and stops to help if someone drops their belongings. When we went on a field trip Elias brought an extra lunch just in case a classmate forgot to bring a lunch. Elias consistently makes good choices and will quietly remind others to do the same. We consider ourselves fortunate that he was placed in our class.

Edward Bailey: It is with pleasure and pride that we nominate Eddy Bailey as May’s Rider of the Month. Eddy is compassionate, caring, and kind to all. He reaches out, lending a helping hand or words of encouragement to classmates while offering support – academically and socially. He has also demonstrated the exemplary qualities of a scout, participating in community service throughout the year. This fine young man is also one of our class representatives at our DARE ceremony. We have been blessed to spend this year with him.

Remidee Delaney: Remidee is a shining student. She has been a high achiever and so focused on her school work since day 1 of 6th grade. Remi is conscientious and ALWAYS strives for excellence. Her teachers appreciate her attentive, helpful nature, and her classmates appreciate her as a trusted friend. Thank you, Remidee, for making our classes better!

Steven Goodrich: Steven has been working hard in his classes and has been especially noticed in math. He is eager to follow along and learn new concepts. He volunteers answers and participates regularly. Steven is always willing to listen, accept suggestions, and act kindly. He is a great class member! Nice job, Steven!

Margaret Crawford: Maggie is enthusiastic learning and is always up for a challenge. She arrives at school with a smile every day. She is self-motivated and uses her time in school to the fullest capacity. Maggie is also a kind person to others. She doesn’t hesitate to offer help to her classmates. She is a caring character and it shows through with her interactions with her peers and teachers. It has been our pleasure to have her in the class this year.

Lucia Impomeni: Lucia was a new student to Ichabod for her 7th-grade year, but right from the beginning, she demonstrated the positive, kind attitude of a Rider. She contributes well to class discussions, as well as informal discussions with her peers. She is consistently reaching out to help others, and make them feel comfortable and welcome in an encouraging, and usually humorous manner. Lucia puts great effort into her tasks. She has been a fantastic addition to ICC!

Kristanna Samascott: Kristanna demonstrates the traits of a great ICMS Rider of the Month because of the tremendous effort she has dedicated to her work and tasks this year. Kristanna takes responsibility for learning by advocating for herself, seeking help when she needs to, and helping others every chance that she gets. She is very kind and encouraging in and out of the classroom.

Kyle Bartlett: The split team is proud to recognize Kyle Bartlett as their seventh grade Rider of the Month of May. Kyle is a very hard worker, who always gets his assignments done well and on time. Kyle is also very polite and respectful of his classmates and teachers in school. He is very helpful inside and outside the classroom. Kyle also was an integral member of the Modified Baseball team. Kyle exhibited excellent baseball skills on the field and was a great teammate and competitor. Kyle represents his school and community with pride. He leads by excellent example and will continue to do so in the future. Keep up the great work!

Mackenzie Whitney: Team 7/8 is proud to honor Mackenzie Whitney as the May Rider of the Month. Mackenzie is a polite, conscientious, and respectful young woman who always exemplifies strong character in her relationships with others. She takes great pride in her classwork and is always a willing participant in class activities. We wish her much success in the future!

Theia Nearywood: Congratulations go out to Theia Nearywood as the Split Team’s Rider of the Month for June. Theia has been a hard-working student this year and we are proud of her progress. She works well with her peers and is helpful to both students and adults. She is an asset to our team and we are proud to recognize her with this award. We look forward to seeing Theia’s continued success next year and beyond. Well done, Theia!

Bailee Drummond: Team 8 is proud to announce that our Rider of the Month is Bailee Drummond. Bailee is an excellent student in every way. She strives for excellence on every assignment no matter how big or small. Bailee is devoted to her schooling and to learning, which will take her far in the years to come. Most importantly, Bailee is a wonderful friend and classmate. Bailee can work with anyone and is willing to help if needed. She is kind, polite and compassionate. Bailee, thank you for being such a wonderful addition to our team! Good luck next year!

Malati Culver: Team 8 is pleased to announce that Malati Culver is our Rider of the Month. Polite and courteous, Malati is a pleasure to have in class. She is conscientious about getting her work completed and she always does excellent work. Most importantly, Malati is kind-hearted and compassionate to others. She will always be the one who comes to the defense of anyone in need. Well-liked and friendly, Malati is the kind of person anyone would be lucky to call a friend and classmate. Congratulations Malati! You well deserve the Rider of the Month Award!