Ichabod Crane Transportation Contact: Dan Doyle, Transportation Supervisor
Tami Barlow, Assistant Head Bus Driver
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2019-2020 Transportation Information


Tyler Drive Technology Coming to ICC Buses in Fall 2019

2019-2020 Bus Route Schedules

Route schedules are still being finalized. If you do not see your route below, please check back soon.
Please note, arrival/drop-off times are approximate and are subject to change early in the school year.

Students with Two Permanent Bus Locations 

Second Location forms are required ONLY if there is a change from the 2018-2019 school year. Forms can be emailed, faxed or mailed back to the Transportation Department using the contact information listed below.

A permanent bus location is a place where your child will go to on a regular basis ​the entire school year​. For example, if your child will go to daycare ​every​ day, or ​every ​Monday and Friday after school, that is a permanent location and you would put that information in the form below. Established pick-up and drop-off cannot be changed without approval from Building Principal and/or Transportation Supervisor.

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Fax: 518-758-1892
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Ichabod Crane School District
ATTN: Transportation Dept.
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Bus Pass Procedures

  • Parents can designate up to two “permanent” AM pick up and two PM drop off locations. These should be established for the entire school year. This will help accommodate families where parents reside in separate households and working families with daycare providers or sitters.
  • “Daily” bus passes, except for emergencies (to be approved by the building principal), will be discontinued. This still allows for multiple bus pick up and drop off locations, but on an annually established basis only-not on a weekly or monthly basis. The elimination of daily bus passes will help eliminate student confusion regarding which bus they need to be on and will help ensure students are safely delivered to the correct location. It will also help with the efficiency of the bus runs as they will remain consistent. This is especially important in the case of substitute bus drivers.

We realize that even “permanent” locations may change over the course of the year, such as when a childcare arrangement changes or a parent changes jobs. In such cases, we ask that parents establish the new “permanent” bus pass at least a week in advance, in writing. Verbal requests for such changes will not be accepted.

If you have questions about the latest transportation changes or if you want to review your particular situation, please do not hesitate to contact your school office.


Special Notes from the Transportation Department

  • Please have your child waiting at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled bus pick-up time.
  • For the first several days of the school year, you may experience delays.  Certain bus routes may need to be adjusted during the first several weeks of the school year, and your patience is most appreciated.  Please allow time for schedules to become more consistent.
  • The Transportation Department establishes a regular morning and afternoon bus stops for eligible areas.  Students should be picked up and dropped off at these stops. An increase in the number of stops increases the chance of a hazardous situation and decreases the efficiency of the bus route.


School Bus/Bus Stop Rules

        • Please do not wait on porches or in garages where the driver cannot see the student. If waiting in a car, please get out and be ready to board as soon as you see the bus approaching.
        • Skateboards and any other large objects are not allowed on the bus for obvious safety reasons.  This does not include instruments; however, if your student is bringing an instrument on the bus, they may have to keep it in their lap as seating on the buses cannot be compromised.
        • There is no eating or drinking on the bus.  If a child is choking or has an allergic reaction that they are unaware of, this can cause a life-threatening situation.
        • Absolutely no glass containers of any kind are allowed on the bus.
        • Balloons of any type are not allowed on the bus. Toys are not allowed on the bus.
        • If your child is bringing sports equipment, all equipment including balls must be kept in the sports bag.
        • Students should always observe classroom behavior on the bus and should not stand up until the bus has come to a complete stop. Students should always keep their hands to themselves and please do not use inappropriate language on the bus.