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Mrs. Welcome and Principal WilliamsCurrent first-grade teacher, Melissa Welcome, was chosen as a recipient of the NYS PTA ‘Teachers are Out of This World Grant’. The award recognizes outstanding teachers throughout New York State.
Students from her 18-19 class nominated her with photos and quotes demonstrating how she impacted their lives, saying she’s “beyond out of this world.” Their nomination highlighted how Mrs. Welcome cares for each student in her class as if they were her own. They commented on her being exceptionally patient, kind, loving and “fills everyone’s hearts”, like a “mom.”
Her class loves that she makes learning fun with a variety of activities in the classroom, instilling the love of reading and learning in them while creating a warm, relaxed and controlled classroom environment. Mrs. Welcome emphasizes respect, kindness and listening in her classroom. Her students also boast that she’s “amazing because she hasn’t sent anyone to the principal all year!”
In addition to the recognition and certificate, Mrs. Welcome received a monetary award to enhance learning and/or inspire creativity with her students in her classroom. Mrs. Welcome says, “I am honored and grateful to my class that chose to recognize me. I plan to use the awarded money to expand my STEM center and to purchase additional classroom literature to enhance my reading lessons. Thank you to my class and the New York State and Ichabod Crane PTA”.
On a PTA related note: The ICC PTA achieved the 2018-19 Good Apple Growth Award BRONZE LEVEL membership award from the NY State PTA because we had registered and paid dues for members exceeding 25% growth over the last year. Thank you to our ICC Community for embracing and supporting our students and teachers within the PTA. We look forward to another wonderful year!