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Another school year has begun at Ichabod Crane. That means our school buses and the students riding them are back on the road.

According to ny.gov, about 50,000 vehicles illegally pass New York State school buses every day. During an average school year, we receive at least one report per day from drivers that someone ran through their red lights and stop sign arms.

In our ongoing effort to deter this behavior, last year we purchased six buses equipped with stop-arm cameras, which help us identify vehicles and drivers passing our stopped buses. In collaboration with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and the New York State Police, last school year (2018-2019), video from these cameras led to 37 tickets/citations.

Due to our success with them, we’re equipping an additional five buses with stop-arm cameras early this school year. The cameras are a good deterrent – you get a ticket from passing a stopped school bus, you’re less likely to do it again. However, our goal is deterring this dangerous behavior before it happens and we hope you can work with us in making this a reality.

Keep in mind on a given school day we have up to 44 buses with students on the road and the entire District works hard ensuring those students make it home safely. We ask you to do your part, too: drive carefully, brake for school buses and remind others to do the same.