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The following letter is coming home with all Ichabod Crane students on Friday, December 13. It regards an administrative restructuring at Ichabod Crane Middle School which goes into effect on January 6, 2020.

The text of the letter is below along with a link to a PDF of the letter. It is available in English and en Español


Dear Parents/Guardians
At last night’s Board of Education meeting, the Board approved the Interim Superintendent’s Proposal to change the administrative structure of the Middle School. Effective, Monday, January 6th, the traditional Principal and Assistant Principal positions will change to two Co-Principal positions. Mr. Farley and Mr. Marturano were appointed as Co-Principals of the Middle School.
Mr. Farley with 27 years of experience as a teacher, Elementary School Principal and Middle School Principal will be primarily responsible for the Grades 4-5 Program, including but not limited to, the Curriculum, Professional Development, Teacher Evaluation and overall student needs. Mr. Marturano, has served as the Middle School Assistant Principal for five years and the last year and a half as the High School Assistant Principal. Recently, Mr. Marturano was appointed as the Acting Principal at the Middle School during Mr. Farley’s medical leave. Mr. Marturano will be primarily responsible for the Grades 6-8 program, including but not limited to, the Curriculum, Professional Development, Teacher Evaluation and overall student needs. It is important to note that both Co-Principals will be responsible for student discipline for grades 4-8.
Mr. Farley and Mr. Marturano have an excellent working relationship and are committed to a smooth transition to the new administrative structure. Mrs. Sanchez the current Middle School Assistant Principal is reassigned to the position of Assistant High School Principal. Mrs. Sanchez has done an excellent job in her current position and will continue to be successful in her new assignment. Mrs. Sanchez is no stranger to the high school program serving as a High School Teacher of Social Studies and Special Education in her previous district.
These administrative changes are the result of an analysis of the most effective ways to better meet the needs of our students and staff without adding additional administrators. When compared to the High School and Primary School, the Middle School has the greatest number of students and staff and the greatest student age span, adding to the complexity and challenges of the school. The increasing curriculum and professional development demands between grades 4-5 and grades 6-8 is challenging for one Principal. Additionally, there are unique child development needs between grades 4-5 and grades 6-8 that require different programming and staff training. It is our belief that the Co-Principal structure will strengthen the leadership of the district, be more responsive and supportive of the faculty and staff, and enhance the educational experience for the students in all grades.
Lee A. Bordick
Interim Superintendent
Ichabod Crane Central School District
518-758-7575 x3002