Every week we’ll have a round-up of the news (and what’s coming up) in the Primary School’s Flying Deer Program. These are written by the fantastic employees from the Flying Deer Nature Center who visit every week for “Treecess!”
Treecess – Story of the Week #8 (12.5.19)
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Treecess staff visited classrooms early to unfurl the final products of our semester-long hard work—classroom nature name flags! Props to all you students who dyed fabric a brilliant yellow using goldenrod flowers, scraped and peeled sumac twigs to hold up the flags, and/or twisted basswood bark rope to hang the flags. Special props to Honeybee (Cammy) and her family for the beautiful artwork and flag assembly! A unique flag now hangs in each classroom:


3rd Grade Classes

  • Shull—Milkweeds
  • Butterworth—Bald Eagles
  • Bailey—Skunks
  • Burns—Grasshoppers


2nd Grade Classes

  • Beebe—Squirrels
  • Caldwell—Raccoons
  • Gorke-Verro—Cardinals
  • Hughes—Staghorn Sumacs
  • LaBarge—Chipmunks
  • Petilli— Salamanders
  • Warrington & Vincent—Rabbits


1st Grade Classes

  • Abatto—Monarchs
  • Baillargeon—Bobcats
  • Eckholm—Coyotes
  • LaBrie—Gray Foxes
  • Vecellio—Red-Tailed Hawks
  • Welcome—Red Foxes


Despite the chilly breeze, we spent our final Treecess day outdoors. Some played games in the field, others played games on blacktop, while still others ventured into the nearby snow-filled forest to build snow forts and track mysterious animals.
Who made these tracks?… Grapefruit-sized impressions with four paws, each impression about a foot apart, leaping in a straight line and ending at a tree. These tracks often were accompanied by holes dug into the snow and into the leafy debris beneath the snow.
Who made these tracks?… Footprints the size and shape of chicken eggs, dotting the snow in a zig-zag pattern, creating graceful lines and arcs that meandered along the forest trail and occasionally stopped at a tuft of trailside grass, with an associated yellow, skunk-smelling splash of liquid. (Uh, yes, we trackers do pay attention to strange things, don’t we?)
The answers: gray squirrel and red fox, respectively.
Thank you all for a fabulous Fall, and do some exploring of your neighborhood forests, fields, streams and rivers during the holiday!
Spring Treecess dates will be Thursdays, March 5th to April 30th.

Devin Franklin
Programs Director
Flying Deer Nature Center