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Originally posted on February 4, 2020.
The following statement from the Ichabod Crane Board of Education was read at their regularly scheduled meeting on February 4, 2020.

It is our goal as District Board Members and Officers to provide for the well-being of every student and stand up for them each and every day. We would like to take this opportunity to re-affirm that we take this goal very seriously and we in no way condone or support any derogatory statements made about our students.
In this regard, Board Policy 2160, Ichabod Crane School Board Member, District Officer and Employee Code of Ethics says, among other things, that Board Members, officers and employees commit themselves to the following:

  • ASSURING the opportunity for high quality education for every student and making the well-being of students the fundamental principle in all decisions and actions;
  • REPRESENTING the entire community without fear or favor;
  • ACCEPTING all responsibilities as a means of unselfish service, while not using their positions for personal gain;
  • UPHOLDING the principles of due process and individual dignity, and protecting the civil and human rights of all; and
  • INSTILLING respect for community, state and nation.

These points bear repeating…

-Assuring the well-being of students.

-Representing our community and our students without fear.

-Accepting responsibility … as a means of unselfish service.

-Upholding the principle of individual dignity.

-Instilling respect.
These ideals are at the root of our service as Board Members and District Officers.  They are the principles that form the foundation of all that we do and seek to do through our service.  When any individual Board Member or District Officer fails to live up to these ethical standards, it is our duty to address that failure and not allow it to serve as a distraction from our core responsibility, which is the education and well-being of our students.
The Board of Education wants every student, staff member, faculty member, administrator and community member to know that we take these ideals and principles seriously and we do not, in any way, condone, support or accept the actions of any Board Member who acts in a way that does not meet these same standards.  Such an action does not reflect the Board’s principles, our beliefs, or our thinking with respect to any individual student of the Ichabod Crane School District.
The Board’s obligation to every student is to lift them up, not put them down.  As leaders in the school community, we are expected to model the way and set an example to be followed. We recognize that EVERY student matters and the Board recommits itself today to this Code of Ethics. We stand behind EVERY student, grade K-12, and want you all to know that we believe in you.
Our Mission Statement, which we read at the beginning of every Board Meeting, says the following:
The Ichabod Crane Central School District is dedicated to preparing students to become contributing members of society in an ever-changing world by valuing diversity; providing a safe environment; and promoting unique talents, a desire for life-long learning, a strong spirit of community, and Rider Pride.
These words have meaning, and they should be taken seriously and serve as a guiding light for all of us.  Our students are our pride, and we are proud of every one of you.  Let us continue to learn, teach and grow – together.


-Ichabod Crane Board of Education