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Every week we’ll have a round-up of the news (and what’s coming up) in the Primary School’s Flying Deer Program. These are written by the fantastic employees from the Flying Deer Nature Center who visit every week for “Treecess!”

Treecess – Story of the Day #1 (3.5.20)
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Today Was A Big Drag…


Today heralded the return of Treecess for Ichabod Crane 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders, where local Flying Deer Nature Center staff brought students into the wild… and the wild into students!


Each Thursday in March and April, we’ll gather a few self-elected students from each classroom to form a nature walk group, and stroll a stone’s throw to a stand of sugar maple trees, where we’ll tidy things up—create a log boundary, rake trails, make a forest shelter and more!


On our first day, students worked together (with big smiles) to create a boundary by dragging logs and branches, and even erected a natural archway entrance. At one point, in a hilarious role-reversal, a bewildered chipmunk fresh out of hibernation gazed at our busy-body activities from its nearby leafy hole.


We plan to take about 20 self-elected students to this nearby campsite each week. By the end of the semester we intend for every interested student to be able to participate in this ongoing nature project. A few staff will always stay behind and offer field games near the playground for those who don’t take the walk.


If you support your child’s nature experiences in Ichabod’s backyard, please…


Join us for a Treecess


Family Fun Day

Saturday, April 25


  • Play your child’s favorite Treecess games
  • Restore the school’s courtyard garden
  • Put the finishing touches on our Treecess campsite

Devin Franklin
Programs Director
Flying Deer Nature Center