We’re showcasing the members of the Ichabod Crane High School Class of 2020 with Ichabod Crane Senior Spotlights. This amazing group of young people is, unfortunately, missing a portion of their final year at Ichabod due to COVID-19 school closures, so we’d like to honor as many of them as we can!

If you missed Mr. Shull’s email about these and would like to submit yours or your student’s information, please email Ms. Two-Axe ASAP at jtwo-axe@ichabodcrane.org

We’ll share more as the days and weeks go on, so if you submitted and don’t see yours here yet, never fear! Check back frequently for more Senior Spotlights!

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Senior Spotlight: Camdyn Ames

A prolific Honor/High Honor Roll student-athlete, Camdyn is a member of the Varsity Club and has played Riders Baseball (JV and Varsity), Volleyball (Varsity), Basketball (JV) and Football (JV).

Athletics have been balanced with extracurricular involvement in the Ichabod Crane Sports Network (ICSN), the Spanish Club, SADD and the Newspaper Club.

Throughout high school he’s earned the following honors: 1st team Patroon Conference Volleyball All-Star; Section 2 Class B Volleyball Sectional Champion (2019 & 2020); Regional Class B Volleyball Champion (2019 & 2020); Section 2 Class B Baseball Runner-up (2018); JV Baseball Coaches Award (2017); NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete and Ichabod Crane Rider of the Month.

After graduating, Camdyn will attend Lasell University to major in Sports Communications and play baseball for as long as possible.

Camdyn has MANY teachers he’d like to thank/shout out and we’ll leave his own words below for them:

    • Mrs. Torre, Mrs. Konkle, and Mrs. Hebert: “Thank you for all the help you have given me over the course of my high school career. I appreciate all the support you all have given me over the last four years!”
    • Mrs. Barford: “Thank you for all you have done for me, whether it was help with a class, my college applications, scholarships, etc. I’d like to also thank you for introducing me to my future school, Lasell University!”
    • Mr. Shull: “Thank you for all the support you have given me and my fellow classmates over the last four years, you are the best leader and role model this school could ask for!”
    • Ms. Kilcer: “Thank you for always being positive and for all that you do for us!”
    • Ms. Potts: “Thank you for always being at volleyball games, keeping stats and showing your support! Also thank you for the postgame cookies, of course!”
    • Mr. Chiap: “Thank you for making me like to read again, and for all of the fun times in English 11!”
    • Mr. Allard, and Mr. Moon: “Thank you for all of the technology lessons, sports lessons, good times and all of the laughs!”
    • Mrs. Warner: “Thank you for your support throughout high school and especially throughout the volleyball seasons!”
    • Ms. VT: “Thank you for being an awesome class advisor and for all that you’ve done for our class!”
    • Mr. OB: “Thank you for all the laughs and great conversations!”
    • Ms. Pemberton: “Thank you for the fun times in US class, and Go Red Sox!”
    • Mr. Funk, Ms. Sgambelluri, Ms. Nytransky, and Mr. Stewart: “Thank you for teaching my favorite subject and for all the lessons you’ve taught me in sports and in life!”
    • Mr. Near: “Thank you for all of the great stories and memories, and for keeping our school clean!”
    • Coach Connors: “Thank you for introducing the sport of volleyball to me, without you I wouldn’t have found this sport that I had so much fun playing and that gave me so many great memories.”
    • Coach McComb, Coach Wolfe, and Coach Suafoa: “Thank you for all of the coaching, teaching, life lessons, laughs, memories and love you all have given me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help on and off the baseball field.”
    • Mr. Ames: “Last, but not least, thank you, Dad. Without you everything I’ve done is impossible, I wouldn’t be here today without you. You have taught me to be the person I have become and for that I am forever thankful for you!”

Senior Spotlight: Danielle Bradway

Danielle has been a constant presence on the Ichabod Crane High Honor Roll and is a member of the National Honor Society.

She’d like to give a shoutout to Ms. Zorzi for not only getting her interested in math but helping her enjoy it. She also thanks Ms. Grizzaffi for continuing to keep her interested in math and helping her with anything else she needs.

Danielle plans to attend Hudson Valley to study Liberal Arts.

Senior Spotlight: Ruth S. Dazi

Ruth has been a dedicated part of Ichabod Crane’s Color Guard for five years, as well as a member of the School of Rock and Art Clubs. Ruth has also been a Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) recipient during her high school years.

Ruth thanks Mr. Werthner for helping her come out of her shell for music and always listening when she needed someone to talk to; Mrs. Vooris & Mrs. White for helping power through all her problems both in and outside of school; and Ms. Eberhardt who always put a smile on her face and assisted with a fear of singing in front of others.

Ruth plans on attending school in Georgia to major in Physiology and minor in Creative Writing.

Senior Spotlight: Madison Drahushuk

Madison has had a successful student career at Ichabod as a member of the National Honor Society and helping the Class of 2020 commemorate their time here as Yearbook Editor.

Madison gives a shout out to Mrs. Two-Axe for all her hard work staying up late meeting those yearbook deadlines, motivating her through her dedication to Ichabod and for just being a bright staff member to spend time with. She is super grateful they got closer this year!

Madison joins the University of Hartford Class of 2024 (Go Hawks!) next year to major in Political Science & Pre-Law.

Senior Spotlight: Zachary Ebel

During his time at Ichabod Zachary has competed on the Riders Football (Varsity) and Wrestling (Varsity) Teams. Zachary’s varsity wrestling career, in particular, has been noteworthy for his 22-17 victory record and for winning the Most Improved Wrestler Award.

He’s shouting out Mr. Farley as his favorite teacher for always making people laugh and keeping a positive attitude with his students.

Zachary’s thanks Coach Sarno for everything they’ve been through in the wrestling program, sticking with him when he felt he wasn’t the best and helping him overcome his toughest physical challenges.

Senior Spotlight: Madison Graham

A National Honor Society member and a regular sight on the High Honor Roll, Madison is also an accomplished student-athlete on the Riders Varsity Basketball Team where she’s been awarded Varsity Basketball MVP (twice!!).

Off the court, she’s Co-President of the Ichabod Class of 2020, President of the Girls Athletic Council and a member of the Student Liaison Committee.

Madison is shouting out ALL her current and previous teachers, as well as the entire ICC staff for everything they did to get her where she is today. She wants them to know how grateful she is for their support and how she wouldn’t be the student she is without all of you.

Next year Madison will attend Adelphi University where she’s committed to play basketball for them and major in Sports Management.

Senior Spotlight: William Hamm

In his time at Ichabod, William’s been a member of our Ski & Spanish Clubs and also been part of the Freshman Mentoring program. Additionally, he’s a High Honor Roll Student in the National Honor Society.

William is giving a shoutout to not one, not two, but ALL the Ichabod teachers and staff for everything they’ve done throughout his education so far.

He plans to attend University at Buffalo where he’ll study Industrial Engineering.

Senior Spotlight: Camryn Rae Hebert

Camryn is a NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete on our Ichabod Crane Riders Girls Varsity Soccer Team. She’s also kept busy in her time at Ichabod as a member of SADD & Ski Club and holding the titles of GAC Treasurer & Co-Class President.

An accomplished academic, Camryn is a member of the National Honor Society as well as the National Technical Honor Society and was awarded the Alice & Murray Giddings Foundation Scholarship.

Camryn gives a shout out to her mom and Mrs. Knight. She wouldn’t be where she is without her mom and wouldn’t have passed math without Mrs. Knight.

She plans to attend Auburn University for a Professional Flight Degree to become a commercial airline pilot.

Senior Spotlight: Luke Herrington

Luke is a High Honor Roll Student in Ichabod’s chapter of the National Honor Society. During his time here he’s participated in the High School’s Literary Magazine and this year he received “Most Artistic” for the Class of 2020 Senior Superlatives.

Luke would like to shout out Mrs. Knight and Mr. Cangemi for teaching difficult math and making it fun; Mr. Barford for making chemistry interesting and making his sarcastic comments; Mr. Goold for challenging him but keeping the atmosphere light and enjoyable; Mrs. Barford for helping with college prep; Mrs. Nytransky for introducing fun sports in gym; and Mrs. Dwileski for keeping photography engaging and teaching new techniques.

Luke plans to attend Hudson Valley to study Digital Media and hopefully become a video game artist or some other sort of digital media artist.

Senior Spotlight: Melissa Hilbert

Melissa is an Honor Roll (and High Honor) Roll senior who is also on our Ichabod Crane Riders Athletics Varsity Field Hockey Team, a Friends of Rachel Club member and in the Questar III BOCES Chapter of SkillsUSA.

Staff shout outs for having a positive impact on her are: Mrs. Lock for helping through all four years of math and for always being there to talk; and Mrs. DeAloe for helping a lot with life, helping decide what she wants to do, who she wants to be and supporting her every step of the way.

Her future plans are attending Columbia Greene Community College to study Nursing.

Senior Spotlight: Sarah Holmstrom

Sarah is enrolled in the Cosmetology program at Questar III BOCES and is also in an Advanced Photography class which she’s very passionate about. Last year, she even won 2nd Place in a show for one of her photographs.

Sarah would like to shout out Mrs. Grace for being there through thick and thin. Mrs. Grace was always there to help Sarah through hard times, give excellent advice and cheer her on when things were great. She is her favorite teacher and always will be.

She plans to attend school for nursing after high school ends.

Senior Spotlight: Cameron Holzhauer

Cameron is a multisport student-athlete who’s played on the Ichabod Crane Riders Baseball and Basketball Teams (JV & Varsity for both). He’s a member of both our Varsity Club, Tech Club and the National Honor Society.

He’d like to give shout outs and thanks to the following ICC staff: Mr. Moon, Mr. Allard, Mr. Goold, Mrs. Pemberton, Mrs. Grizzaffi, Ms. Grace, Mr. Ames, Ms. Nytransky, Ms. VT, Mrs. Barford and Mr. Funk.

Cameron’s plan after high school is attending Hudson Valley to study Education/Physical Education.

Senior Spotlight: Zachary T. Kennedy

Zachary is a High Honor Roll student-athlete on the Riders Varsity Basketball Team and also a member of the Varsity Club. He’s been honored for his basketball skills with awards for Varsity Basketball MIP & MVP and he’s been one of our Riders of the Month.

Ichabod staff he’d like to shout out are Miss Lisa from the HS Kitchen for her smile and humor making everyday special; Mrs. Grace for always chatting about basketball and encouraging him to be his best self; and Mrs. Meyers for checking up on him through all the years since third grade.

After graduating, Zachary will be attending Hudson Valley community college for its HVAC Program.

Senior Spotlight: Ciena Lentz

A High Honor Roll student and NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete, Ciena is on the Riders Varsity Cross Country and Indoor/ Outdoor Track & Field Teams. She’s been honored in athletics as MVP in the Field (2017-2018) and Most Improved Player (2018).

Ciena’s been named a Rider of the Month in her time at Ichabod and is a member of the GAC, Spanish Club, Newspaper Club, SADD and the Freshman Mentor Program.

She’d like to thank Mr. Sanger for always believing in her; Mrs. Grizz for making sure every single one of her students understood everything; Mr. Moon & Mr. Allard for helping her realize women can be in the shop; Mr. Barford for always taking time to explain the ways of Chem; and ALL the teachers she’s had for making it an amazing 13 years at Ichabod!

Ciena is attending SUNY Cortland next fall. After college, Ciena hopes to be happy, healthy and successful!

PS: Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Senior Spotlight: Alexander Walker Regan

Alex is a NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete on both the Riders Cross Country and Indoor/Outdoor Track Teams.

He’s a National Honor Society student, a member of the Tech Club and a talented musician in our Jazz Band & Marching Band.

After graduation, he plans on attending the United States Coast Guard Academy to study Mechanical Engineering.

Senior Spotlight: Madison Seipp

Madison focused on her passions throughout her high school years at Ichabod Crane. Madison is the co-president of Crane Acting Troupe and has been a member since the 7th grade. She also participates in Model United Nations and is a member of the National Honor Society, Spectrum, French Club and the Newspaper Club.

Madison has been awarded the 2019 AP Scholar and Honorable Mention at Harvard Model United Nations.

She would like to shout out and thank the following teachers for their support and inspiration: Mr. Sanger, Mrs. Helfer, Mr. and Mrs. Goold, Mr. Payne, Mrs. Knight, Ms. Eberhardt and Ms. Yeats

Madison plans to attend NYC Pace University to degrees in political science and history.

Senior Spotlight: Jake Siter

A NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete on the Riders Volleyball and Baseball Teams, Jake is also a member of the Varsity Club and the Tech Club.

Jake is shouting out and thanking Mr. Moon, Mr. Allard & Mr. Ames for helping him survive and succeed at Ichabod Crane High School; Ms. VT for keeping him out of trouble; and Mrs. Barford for helping with college planning.

After graduating, Jake will attend SUNY Oswego for Technology Education.

Senior Spotlight: Rachel Walsh

Rachel has been involved in multiple sports and activities while at Ichabod. A multisport student-athlete on our Ichabod Crane Riders Field Hockey (Varsity) and Softball (JV and Varsity) teams, she balanced athletics with being a member of the Girls Athletic Club, Ski Club, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), Students Against Violating Earth (SAVE), Spanish Club, Student Council and a representative officer for her class. PLUS, she’s been one of our Riders of the Month and is in the National Honor Society.

Rachel is shouting out her thanks to Mrs. Van Tassel for recommending her as a ROTM and being there for her throughout all of high school; Mrs. Barford for always letting her in her classroom when there was nowhere to go and helping with the college & scholarship application process. Overall she’s grateful for everything all the teachers did to make her a better student.

Rachel plans to attend SUNY Oneonta and major in Human Development and Family Studies.

Senior Spotlight: Madison Wasson

Madison Wasson is both a National Honor Society and a National Technical Honor Society student.

She’d like to thank and shout out Mrs. Barford, who made a significant positive impact on her, particularly during senior year. She was instrumental in providing Madison with the necessary tools to be successful, while also providing a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

After high school, Madison plans to start the Vet Tech Program at Penn Foster College.