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We would like to clarify some information about our Capital Improvement Project construction and its effects on murals in the high school hallways. Over the weekend you may have seen information circulating on social media that these murals are being removed because of current and future construction in the building. 

While it is true that some of the murals will be impacted by the construction, it is not accurate to say that all of the murals are being removed. Some of the murals near the Guidance and Technology Suite are being affected by the current construction. Because of this, we are currently working on plans to digitally document and archive these particular murals so they will be remembered. After construction is complete in those specific areas of the high school, there are no current plans that will impact the remaining murals. 

District administrators and members of the High School Art Department are working hard on long term plans for the preservation and documentation of all the murals. Like many members of the school community, we also do not want to see these unique features of Ichabod Crane’s past lost to history.