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The following message was emailed to all Ichabod Crane families at 5:15 PM today (October 21).

Parents & Guardians,

We are writing to inform you that the district was notified today by the Columbia County Department of Health (DOH) that a contractor working in a contained section of the High School yesterday (10/20/20) has tested positive for COVID-19. After carrying out their contact tracing procedure, we have been advised by the DOH that two non-instructional High School staff members have been placed in quarantine for the required 14-day period due to their contact with a positive case. In an abundance of caution, we are informing you of this situation and the steps we have taken as a result. 

Since this was a contained incident, we have been advised by the DOH that operations can continue as normal.  Please note contact tracing has confirmed that the contractor was not around any students or other staff members.  The contained areas where the staff members were working have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

The quarantined staff members identified as contacts to a positive case will only be allowed to return to work once their quarantine period is completed and they are cleared by the DOH. Due to privacy requirements, we cannot divulge any further information about any individual who is currently quarantined or has a confirmed case of COVID-19. 

We ask that all school families, students and staff members continue following all safety guidelines outside of school hours, including wearing masks when in public, social distancing, limiting group gatherings and practicing good hygiene.

Thank you and remember you can always find the latest district information on our Reopening Information & Updates page (www.ichabodcrane.org/district/school-reopening-updates/).