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The following message was emailed to all Ichabod Crane families on Monday, October 26. It is a follow-up message to yesterday’s positive COVID-19 case notification. Please carefully review this information as it contains important details about student schedules this week and safety precautions.

Dear Parents, Guardians & Staff,

This message is a follow-up on yesterday’s notification about a positive COVID-19 case in the Primary School. After working closely with the Columbia County Department of Health (DOH) to conduct a contact tracing investigation we have determined the following measures for each building:

Primary School Building
  • One (1) classroom in the Primary School will need to quarantine for the required 14-day period which will end on Thursday, November 5 with students and staff returning to school on Friday, November 6th. This means all students in that classroom and any staff in contact with that classroom will not return to the Primary School for the duration of the required quarantine period.  All families with students and all staff who need to quarantine have now been contacted by the district. Students in the impacted classroom will participate in full remote learning with their teacher during the quarantine period and families in need of a remote learning device will be provided with one. 
  • Since the Primary School positive case is an isolated and contained situation, the DOH has informed us it is safe to reopen the building. This means the Primary School will be open for in-person learning for all students and staff not in quarantine starting tomorrow (Tuesday, October 27).  All primary students enrolled in full virtual learning will also resume tomorrow. All classrooms have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at this time.  
Middle and High School Buildings
  • All students and staff in grades 4-12 will remain at home and participate in full remote learning for the next two days (Tuesday the 27th and Wednesday the 28th).  At this time we are awaiting additional testing results from close contacts to the positive case at the Middle and High School to determine if there is any other potential exposure. We expect to have those results within the next 48-72 hours.  Additional information and future plans beyond those dates will be communicated to all families by the end of the day on Wednesday. We are remaining on full remote learning in both buildings in an abundance of caution.  
      • The Middle School will be running on its normal schedule, as they did today. 
      • The High School will be running on its remote schedule, as they did today.
      • Students who attend Questar III CTE Programs will not be permitted to attend in-person but should remotely attend class. These students will also still need to attend Ichabod Crane classes remotely.
      • Transportation will be provided as normal for all out of district bus runs including Tech Valley and New Visions. 

We will not reopen the Middle or High School buildings until we are 100% sure the contact tracing investigation and pending test results are completed. Quarantined students and staff will only be allowed to return to the school buildings once their quarantine period is completed and they are cleared by the DOH. Additionally, all buses and building interiors, including classrooms, are currently undergoing a complete deep cleaning/disinfection process.  

We will continue our regular communication with the DOH to assist them as needed with their contact tracing investigation and to determine how to proceed beyond the next two days. In the meantime please continue following all safety guidelines outside of school hours. These include limiting group gatherings of those not in your immediate household, wearing masks when in public, social distancing, and practicing good hygiene.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this situation. Please rest assured that the health and safety of all students and staff continue to be our top priority and the driving factor in all decision making.