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Please email Mr. DiGrigoli with any questions about the following information at tdigrigoli@ichabodcrane.org

While Covid-19 has cut short the possibilities of club activities, the goal is to continue to run the Ski Club in a virtual manner while providing students, staff and family the opportunity to ski independently. 

Due to social distancing restrictions, we will not be able to offer the same package as we have in years past, but we have worked with Jiminy Peak to provide some options for the ICC Ski Club to continue to offer a skiing & riding experience for this season. 

There will be no transportation option this year, members would need to provide their own transportation to and from the mountain

Ski Package Options

We will be offering the following 2 alternative options: 

  1. 5/7 Savings Card – Offered at $57

This card allows you to save $20 on any Twilight lift ticket (non-holiday). If purchasing a ticket online using this card, you save $20. If purchasing a ticket using this card at the ticket window, you save $15. This is valid on any twilight or an 8 hr, 4 hr (non – holiday) Monday through Friday

But wait, there’s more!  Purchase prior to 11/15/20, and you will also receive a FREE TICKET, valid Monday – Friday (non-holiday) or Twilight, whichever you choose. 

  1. 6 Pack –  for $199 

This will be offered as a card that holds 6 individual Twilight passes valid any non-holiday. Starting 1/4/21, this can be used any day for twilight skiing Sunday through Saturday with the exception of 1/16/21 – 1/18/21 and 2/13/21 – 2/15/21 Please note that if you do not use all passes, you will forfeit them.

Please note that these alternative options can be passed along to anyone that wishes to take advantage outside of what would be our “normal ski club group of grades 6-12.” That includes family, friends, ICC staff ect. 

  1. There is no lesson package offered with either option. 
  2. There will be no transportation option this year, members would need to provide their own transportation to and from the mountain.
  3. No rentals included, rentals would be on an individual day basis and would be the responsibility of the guest. It is requested that a guest pre-register for rentals.
  4.  Lodges will be open for quick warm up breaks, food and bathrooms.  We are asking all guests to not linger inside due to limited capacity.
  5. Parents and caretakers are asked not to “Hangout” in the lodge – limited capacity.
  6. Baggage, ski bags and duffels will not be allowed in the food areas.  Lockers are available in the basement of Crane and JJ’s.  We ask that you come dressed to ski.
  7. Food services will be mostly a grab and go with a limited menu.
  8. Outside seating has been expanded and propane heaters have been added to the patios.
  9. Restroom facilities have been expanded with the addition of a 10-person luxury porta potty trailer.
  10. Face masks will be required in any of the buildings except when eating or drinking.  Mask will be required when in the lift line, on the lift and in the base area, where social distancing cannot be maintained.  This will be enforced.
Club Activities

We will conduct virtual meetings, have our yearly vote for officers, we will cover the same topics that we cover in person, skier responsibilities, best practices and also watch the safety video that Jiminy Peak promotes. We will ask our members to take pictures of their ski trips and we will post the activities on the district social media sites.

In prior years, the Club finishes the season with a weekend day trip to Mt. Snow. In January, depending on how things develop with Covid-19, we will evaluate the possibility of offering a group trip in late March. If we are not able to do a group trip, then we would look at the possibility of offering a discounted ticket only. 

While Ski Club will be slightly different than prior years, this proposal will still provide our students with the opportunity to ski at a reduced cost, participate in an extracurricular club on a virtual basis and maintain a long-standing ICC tradition.  Additionally, the options available allows us to extend the Jiminy Peak experience to a larger group of people.  

To purchase your package, please email kcodding@jiminy.com and cc: your child’s advisor.

High School tdigrigoli@ichabodcrane.org

Middle School emcneil@ichabodcrane.org

Please include your name, phone number,  what package you would like to purchase, and that you are from Ichabod Crane Ski Club.