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PJ Day (Monday) | Tie Dye Day (Tuesday) | Crazy Sock Day (Thursday) | Rider Pride Day (Friday)

School looks a little different this year but you can’t keep our Rider Spirits down!

Fall 2020 Spirit Week was November 9-13 and we invited participating students and staff to send us their pictures. If you took any pictures, didn’t send them in and would still like to share, you can email the appropriate staff member below:

Primary School Students & Staff (K-3)
Email Spirit Week pictures to Crystal Firstcfirst@ichabodcrane.com

Middle School Students & Staff (Grade 4-8)
Email Spirit Week pictures to Kasey Conklinkconklin@ichabodcrane.org

High School Students & Staff (Grade 9-12)
Email Spirit Week pictures to Jennifer Two-Axejtwo-axe@ichabodcrane.org

Monday, November 9: PJ Day Pictures

Tuesday, November 10: Tie Dye Day Pictures

Thursday, November 12: Crazy Sock Day Pictures

Friday, November 13: Rider Pride Day Pictures