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The following message from District Superintendent, Suzanne Guntlow, was emailed to all Ichabod Crane families on Wednesday, December 23, right before the start of the Holiday Recess.

All previous school reopening news and COVID-19 updates can be found on the district’s Reopening Information page here.

Dear Ichabod Crane Families,

As the calendar year ends, I wanted to take a few moments to share some thoughts with you as we head into the holidays. There is no doubt, this has been a crazy and challenging year. However due to our partnership and collaborative efforts, we have successfully navigated every challenge that has presented itself as a result of the pandemic and I have every confidence that our success will continue as we enter the second half of the school year.  

First, I want to express my gratitude for working with the district during what can only be described as a challenging and extraordinary time for schools. You have adapted to the new normal of the 2020-2021 school year – increased safety protocols, unexpected schedule changes, quarantine classes and more – with incredible resilience and understanding. It cannot be understated how important your collaboration has been in ensuring our students have both a safe and highly-effective learning environment up to this point in the school year.     

My hope is that the end of 2020 provides you ample time to rest and relax. I ask that you do all you can to celebrate in a safe and responsible manner which will allow us to keep Ichabod schools open when we return in 2021. We all look forward to a time when large gatherings and travel are once again considered safe activities, but that time has not yet arrived. This year, please carefully weigh the cost of how you choose to celebrate. While at times we have had to shift to remote classes, you have done a fantastic job helping us keep our students in the school buildings.   

Starting in the new year, you will be hearing from me more often as we roll out a monthly superintendent newsletter. As the pandemic continues, good news can get lost in the fray, so this is a chance for me to personally check-in with you each month to highlight some of the many great things still happening at Ichabod this year. Keep an eye on your inbox for my inaugural newsletter in early January. 

Finally, while school is closed through New Years, please be sure to reach out to your child’s building principal via email if your child tests positive for COVID-19 during the recess so that we can continue to monitor the infection rate and assess any potential impact on the District as we look forward to reopening our doors on January 4th. Communication continues to be a key component in minimizing exposure and the risk to others.     

Warmest thoughts and best wishes to you and your families for a wonderful, healthy holiday season and a very Happy New Year! 

Suzanne Guntlow
Superintendent of Schools