Congratulations to the Primary School students honored for displaying the December 2020 Character Trait: RESPONSIBILITY!

Due to the safety measures in place this year, we could not gather the students together for the traditional group photo. Principal Williams took the certificates to each classroom for individual/pair pictures or had families send a picture in.

Scroll past pictures for student names or click here.

Alexandra Welch
Brody Otty
Adam Lawrence
William Phillips
Colin Haller
Ryan Hingle
Evelyn Marshall
Ainsley Pregont
Luca Lazzara
Kiran Clayton
Anaiah McArthur
Riley Clark
Isabelle Knightes
Adeline Cabral
Cait Laughlin
Liam Elia
Owen Cartwright
Alanni Heusdens
Ella Berlin
Sammy Newman
Olivia Philiips
Gemma Coxon
Olivia Pulcher
Rylee Kriz
Tara Manarel
Juliet Gomez Trujillo
Reme Sisco
Aubrey Anthony
Katherine Benton
Lilliana Clark
Alexandra Williams
Evan Konderwich
Danitza Perez Gomez
Madeline Welcome
Taylor Samascott
Estelle Fancher
Eleanor McGraw
Isabelle Kipp
Emely Orozco
Brooke Zoni
Crosby Nelson
Carter Clum
Autumn Noel
Ethan Everett
Teddy Gonyea
Jazmin Perez
Callan Stead
Morgan McCagg
Avery Nazario
Rylee Bower
Emma Cabral
Luke Mills
Mason LaTorre
Allyson DeMatteo
Bernard Cody
Evan Ross
Jameison Jablanski