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Current Ichabod Crane staff member, Robin Sullivan, and former Ichabod Crane staff were recently included in the Columbia County Women’s Alliance list of 100 Women Making a Difference in Columbia County! Ms. Sullivan currently does an amazing job with Ichabod Crane High School’s student assistance programs: the Teen Weekend Meal Program and Ichabod’s Closet.

Congratulations to all the following Ichabod Crane family members for being selected for inclusion on this list of incredible women in Columbia County! See the full list on CCWA’s website here.

  • Robin Sullivan, current Ichabod Crane staff member
  • Joanne Trapanese, retired Ichabod Crane teacher
  • Linda Van Alstyne, retired Ichabod Transportation Dept staff member
  • Lakia Walker, interned for Ichabod Counseling Dept. and former long-term substitute