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The next Ichabod Crane Middle School Spirit Week is coming up soon! From February 8-12, all grade 4-8 students (in-person or remote) are invited to participate in the theme days below!

  • February 8: Backwards Day (Wear Your Clothes Backwards!)
  • February 9: Rider Pride Day (Break Out the White & Blue!)
  • February 10: Solid Color Day (Wear A Solid Color Outfit!)
  • February 11: Sports Day (Wear Your Favorite Sports Team Attire!)
  • February 12: PJ Day (Exactly What It Sounds Like!)

Participating staff & students can share their pictures from each day with abogert@ichabodcrane.org – make sure to include the theme in your email subject line (sometimes it’s obvious but not always!).

Middle School Spirit Week February 2021