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Updated: February 4, 2021

Some of Ichabod Crane’s 2021 National Junior Honor Society inductees (see the Original Post below for a list of the 2021 student inductees) could not make it to the initial induction ceremony on January 14. Middle and High School staff arranged to have a second ceremony on February 4 to honor those students who could not be at the first. Thanks to the staff for putting together the additional ceremony to honor these deserving students and congratulations again to the latest class of inductees to the Ichabod Crane Chapter of the NJHS!

Original Post: January 19, 2021

Congratulations to the newest class of 8th and 9th-grade students inducted into the Ichabod Crane Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society! Thanks to district staff for creating a modified ceremony that allowed us to safely honor these accomplished students in person on January 14.

Special thanks go to Kim Zorzi & Joni White (NJHS Co-Advisors) Holly Elden, Katherine Farley & Bailee Drummond (Current NJHS Officers) and Olivia Dumont (Photography at Ceremony).

This year’s class of National Junior Honor Society inductees included the twenty-nine 8th graders and eight 9th graders listed below. Congratulations again to them all! Scroll past inductee names for pictures.

8th Grade National Junior Honor Society Inductees

Kylie Brown
Rose Holliday
Remidee Delaney
Carolina Williams
Riley Strobel
Quinn Rapport
Maguire Barton
Elise Sayers
Lauren Stigi
Paige Everett
Brianna Doria
Amara Gabriel
Brendan Lockmer
Sarah Balon
Allison Flint
Callan Heimroth
Elena Pantoja
Sam Stead
Katelyn Seymour
Oliva Hlavac
Patrick Graziano
Kari Graziano
Audrey Church
Holly LaBatt
Emma Holmberg
Emily Wood
Abigail Thomas
Devin Scali
Olivia McCrudden

9th Grade National Junior Honor Society Inductees

Isabella DeTorre
Kyonna Gordon
Samantha Lantzy
Meredith Garafalo
David Oldrich
Grace Perito
Sophia Barmen
Madelyn Rodrigue