Originally Posted (February 22, 2021)

The Primary School is very excited to kick off its Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) program on March 1! We hope to make this a new annual program with a different theme every year, this year the theme is “Color Your World With Books”!

The focus of PARP is to have students read for at least 20 minutes every day with an older family member, friend or volunteer. We are encouraging all Primary School students to participate in the PARP program from March 1-April 12.

You will find the PARP Student Participation Form here to let us know if your student is signing up for PARP and to let us know who their reading partner will be for the duration of the program.

You can choose to read in person or electronically, so reading partners do not need to be someone who lives nearby. We are fortunate to have some Ichabod High School students volunteering to be reading partners as well, so just let us know if your student would like to partner with an HS student.

Join Mystery Readers Online During PARP Kick-Off Week (March 1-5)!

For the first week of PARP (March 1-5), Primary School students can join secret Mystery Readers online each night for their 20 minutes of reading time. Participating PARP students (and family members if interested) can use the link below to join our Mystery Readers from 7:00 – 7:20 PM each night. It’s a daily chance to read along with a familiar (but surprise) face from school and hear a new book!

Click here to join the PARP Mystery Reader Google Meet each night of March 1-5 from 7:00 – 7:20 PM.

PS: The Primary School will also hold Spirit Week to coincide with the first week of PARP (March 1-5), all students are invited to dress up in the daily school spirit theme. See all the Primary School Spirit Week themes here.