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Please see the following letter from the Crane Acting Troupe regarding Spring 2020 ticket sales. You can also find the letter here.

The Crane Acting Troupe is a self-supporting extracurricular activity for students in grades 7-12. Financial support for the CAT productions comes solely from ticket sales. The Acting Troupe is very fortunate to have the support of the community in its endeavors to enrich student’s lives through the magic of theatre.

The annual Spring production expenses rely on ticket proceeds. In 2020 the scheduled production was canceled due to COVID-19. This left the cast, crew, and staff, two weeks prior to the performance, disappointed and in a void just as it has in every theatre throughout the country. Although the production was canceled and two weeks of ticket sales were lost, the expenses incurred producing the musical up to that point still had to be paid. Please help support us by donating your tickets!

The Crane Acting Troupe extends its appreciation to the patrons who purchased tickets prior to the pandemic. If you purchased tickets our policy going forward is as follows:

  • All previously purchased 2020 tickets will be honored for an even exchange for the next Crane Acting Troupe production during posted box office dates.
  • Ticket holders may return their tickets to support the future of The Crane Acting Troupe as a donation. These patrons will be listed on a special page in the Program/Playbill of the next production. Tickets should be mailed to the address below with the claim form here and clearly print on the claim form the name(s) to be listed in the Program/Playbill of the next production.
  • If the above listed bullets are not amenable to you, a refund may be requested. Refunds will be available for tickets mailed back to the Crane Acting Troupe. Envelopes must be postmarked by April 1, 2021. NO EXCEPTIONS beyond this date can be made. Tickets should be mailed with the claim form, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Crane Acting Troupe
Ichabod Crane High School
Attn: John Wilary
2910 Route 9
Valatie, NY 12184