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Big congratulations are in order for the Ichabod Crane High School student artists listed below! These 12 students will have their work featured in the Capital Region Media Arts Festival and will attend the virtual opening reception on April 16.

This year 18 school districts submitted a total of 182 pieces and the judges selected only 20 of those pieces to receive awards, two of which were won by Ichabod students: Victoria Slade (Grade 11) and Cate Tennier (Grade 12)! Scroll past the names below to see Victoria and Cate’s award-winning pieces.

We are very proud of all the students listed below and of course of our Art Department for helping them becoming the talented artists they are!

  • Hannah Meredith, Grade 12
  • Victoria Slade, Grade 11 (award winner)
  • Courtney Danforth, Grade 10
  • Lily Siver, Grade 11
  • Olivia DuMont, Grade 11
  • Julia Rivers, Grade 11
  • Grace Perito, Grade 9
  • Cate Tennier, Grade 12 (award winner)
  • Kaiella Gordan, Grade 11
  • Jack DiGrigoli, Grade 12
  • Jeanne Stupplebeen, Grade 10
  • Nicole LaBatt, Grade 11