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You may recall earlier this school year Ichabod Crane had the honor of helping two veterans – Harold Williams and Roger Mazal – receive their high school diplomas by participating in the New York State Division of Veterans’ Services Operation Recognition. You can read about that here and also read about Superintendent Suzanne Guntlow having the opportunity to present one of those veterans with an Ichabod Crane diploma at a ceremony here.

At the April 2021 board of education meeting, Ichabod Crane again had the honor of helping grant high school diplomas to veterans who left school early to serve their country in the armed services. Tom Mullins – the same veteran advocate who helped Mr. Williams and Mr. Mazal receive their diplomas earlier this year – again worked with our district and the NYS Division of Veteran’s Services to grant Ichabod Crane High School Diplomas to the following veterans:

  • Pvt. Clarence L. Johnson (Veteran of World War II)
  • Pvt. Claude A. Rothermel (Veteran of World War II)
  • Sgt. Fred Van Zandt (Veteran of World War II)
  • Cpl. Clifford S. Johnson (Veteran of the Korean War)

The Ichabod Crane Diplomas were presented at the April board meeting to Steve Matheke of the Mc Connell Post, American Legion. Mr. Matheke accepted the diplomas on behalf of the families of the veterans listed above after Ichabod High School Principal, Craig Shull, gave a presentation summarizing the battles in which they were Killed in Action and the medals each received, including the Purple Heart.

At the same board meeting, Mr. Mullins also presented a plaque to Superintendent Guntlow and the Ichabod Board from the Rev. Francis A. Kelley Society (of which Mr. Mullins is a member) in gratitude for their help conferring diplomas to these veterans. In his remarks when presenting the plaque, Mr. Mullins thanked Ms. Guntlow and the entire board for their support and promoting a “culture of caring” in the Ichabod Crane Central School District. The plaque from Mr. Mullins and the Rev. Francis A. Kelly Society read as follows:

Presented To

Superintendent Suzanne M. Guntlow
and the
Ichabod Crane Board of Education
In Appreciation
of your continued support for local veterans

Thank you for your dedicated service
With gratitude, the Rev. Francis A. Kelley Society