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In these technologically-centric times it’s not easy to unplug from the digital distractions all around us, but the students you see pictured below are Ms. LaBrie’s 1st-grade students who successfully completed the “Unplugged Challenge”!

The challenge was inspired by Steve Antony’s book, Unplugged, and students couldn’t “plugin” for one week. This meant they couldn’t use any electronics during that time –  so no TV, iPads, smartphones, video games or anything else that needs a plug to charge or work. The students pictured were so proud of their accomplishments and some of their family members even joined in on unplugging with them. Throughout the week, the students talked in class about the things they found to do at home without relying on electronics.

These students who stayed successfully unplugged will now be treated to a pizza and ice cream party (plus got the goodie bags you see them with here)!

Unplugged Challenge Winners