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As we enter the final stretch of the 2020-2021 school year here at Ichabod Crane, we want to give a round of applause to our High School Class Officers on a job well done! These students below have done incredible, admirable work representing and leading their classes through an unprecedented school year.

You can find the Officers and Advisors for the Classes of 2021-2024 below, as well as a description of their general duties here.

Class of 2021 Officers

Co-Presidents: Darby Siver & Caroline White
Co-Vice Presidents: Austin Zlomek & Aidan Swere
Co-Secretaries: Madison Pember & Morgan Hickman
Treasurer: Emma Stigi
Reps at Large: Madalyn Bray, Madeline Grout & Brooke Barmen
Class Advisors: Kate Goold & Jen Two-Axe

Class of 2022 Officers

Co-Presidents: Lily Siver & Elise Brennan
Co-Vice Presidents: Julia Rivers & Valeria Espinoza
Secretary: Victoria Slade (Victoria’s Picture Unavailable)
Treasurer: Brett Richards
Reps at Large: Analisa Martino, Avery Bates, Nicole Labatt, Lily Gould, Baden Seabury, Abbey Wood, Haley Ames, Clare Knapp, Susana Loyola, Abby Bartlett
Class Advisors: Maureen Hall Van Tassel, Nancy Konkle, & Tori Austin

Class of 2023 Officers

Co-Presidents: Darren Moon & Colin Braswell (Colin’s Picture Unavailable)
Vice President: Mariah Kratt
Secretary: Zoe Geiger
Treasurer: Ben Vecellio
Rep at Large: Elysia Meyer
Class Advisor: Greg Miller

Class of 2024 Officers

President: Evan Schieren
Vice President: Summer Reinoehl
Treasurer: Lillian Jensen
Secretary: Isabella Scott
Class Advisors: Dan Farley & Nancy Konkle

Class Officer Duties

President: The President will serve as a positive role model for the entire student body. The President is ultimately responsible for all class activities. The President will create agendas, preside of overall meetings and delegate duties to others as needed.

Vice President: The Vice President will serve as the President’s assistant. The Vice President will work side by side with the President, making decisions and assisting with class activities. If the President is absent or unable to fulfill their duties, the Vice President will assume the role of President.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes for all of the meetings held and sharing those minutes with the other officers and advisors. The Secretary is responsible for keeping attendance records and a calendar of class activities. The Secretary will maintain a correspondence with other officers unable to attend the meetings.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will keep a record of all financial transactions to do with the class. The Treasurer will maintain a balance of monies for activities and report at class meetings. You will authorize all expenditures and collect all fundraising money and make deposits. The Treasurer will work closely with the advisor(s) to maintain duplicate records of all activities performed. You will share all financial information with the school’s central treasurer to maintain financial security.

Representative @ Large: Reps will work with the secretary to maintain records/documents and collect memorabilia of activities performed by the class. The Reps will attend meetings with the Student Council and help publicize class activities and events and act as a liaison for the class when working with other organizations.