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The following message from District Superintendent, Suzanne Guntlow, was emailed to all Ichabod Crane families on Monday, June 28.

All previous school reopening news and COVID-19 updates can be found on the district’s Reopening Information page here.

Dear Ichabod Crane Families,

In May we shared a memo informing you that the district is scheduled to receive one-time federal funding through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA). In total the district will be receiving $3,717,707 that then must be budgeted over the next two to three years. Since that time, we have been busy developing a spending plan based on stakeholder input. 

We have gone through an extensive process to ensure the use of these funds aligns with District goals as well as student, family and staff priorities. Input was obtained from stakeholders as indicated below: 

  1. Administrators have solicited input on the use of the funds with teacher leaders over each department/grade level in each school.
  2.  Our School Reopening Task Force reconvened in May and June along with its four Reopening Sub-Committees and discussed best uses and priority needs for the funds.
  3. The Board of Education Facilities Committee also met in June and discussed potential uses for the funds based on needs identified in the current building condition survey.
  4. In May we sent out a survey to K-12 families to collect feedback on preferred uses of the funds. You can see a summary of the results from that family survey by clicking here.
Period of Public Comment on Proposed Spending Plan

The next step in the development of our spending plan is sharing it with the community and opening it up for a period of public comment. This plan was created based on the feedback from stakeholders as outlined above and is specifically for the proposed use of the federal funding over the next two – three years. See the full proposed plan for the use of the funds by clicking here. 

If you wish to provide comments or give feedback on the district’s proposed spending plan, please email Mindy Potts (mpotts@ichabodcrane.org) by July 30 with the email subject “Use of Federal Funds Feedback”.

Key Areas of Funding Use:
  • Ventilation Upgrades for Health/Safety: Families expressed a very strong desire to improve/upgrade district HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) systems. Our HVAC upgrades will include short-term immediate improvements and long-term improvements that require extended planning. Short-term improvements include: increased ventilation for all mechanical systems, maximizing “merv” rating on compatible filters in existing equipment,  increased AC for large spaced areas in all 3 schools such as gyms and cafeterias. Long term improvements include: Prioritized replacement of mechanical systems based on functionality and benefit analysis;  Modify mechanical systems, in whole or part to increase their capacity to ventilate, filter, or both; Develop shorter-term capital improvements projects that can be accomplished over the next 18months; Develop capital improvement plan with a focus on ventilation, conditioning and filtration for all occupied spaces.
  • Food Services: Additional staff/supplies to accommodate an increased number of serving locations for food preparation, delivery and supervision of more returning students in 21-22.
  • Educational Technology Improvements: 1:1 Device allocation for students in grades 3 -12; enhanced teacher workstations; interactive classroom displays; live streaming equipment and more.
  • Addressing Impact of COVID-19 Academic Interruptions: Enhanced/extended K-12 Summer School offerings; Summer enrichment programming; addition of HS/MS Academic Interventionist (AIS) Teachers; language translation services; after-school homework help expansion; tutoring program for struggling students and more.
  • Services for Student Social, Emotional & Mental Health: Strengthening/building current Social Emotional K-12 Learning Curriculum; Addition of a full-time K-12 Social Worker and more.

As you review the proposed plan, keep in mind we anticipate and have planned for the need to make adjustments over the next two to three years to ensure we are being responsive to student and district needs as they arise. 

Thank you for your input and assistance in the development of this federal stimulus spending plan. If you wish to provide further feedback, please do so no later than July 30. 

Suzanne Guntlow
Superintendent of Schools