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ICCHS Principal Craig Shull with Richard Van Wie at the July 13 Board of Education Meeting

At its meeting on July 13, the Ichabod Crane CSD Board of Education presented its seventh high school diploma through Operation Recognition to Marine Corps Lance Corporal Richard H. Van Wie.

Van Wie served from 1962-1966, and was part of the Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis. He also received a Good Conduct Medal, which is not easy to earn in the Marine Corps.

Following his honorable discharge, Van Wie returned to Stuyvesant, and operated two businesses simultaneously – Van Wie Natural Foods, a meat farm, retail store and processing plant, and he was also a licensed plumber.

He married his wife, Maria Smirensky in 1998, and he has two sons and six grandchildren.

“Mr. Van Wie has always put everyone before himself and believes in taking care of others’ needs first, but it is time for him to be recognized for his selfless accomplishments,” said Ichabod Crane High School Principal Craig Shull.

Thank you, Mr. Van Wie, for your service to our nation and to our community!