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Congratulations to the Primary School students honored for displaying the October 2021 Character Trait: GRATITUDE!

Due to the safety measures in place this year, we could not gather the students together for the traditional big group photo so they met Principal Williams in small groups in the PS Foyer.


Camdon Ortiz
Finnigan MacCormack
Finley More
Emjaye Ringwood
Mateo Cruz Cruz
William Cruz
Hank Hunziker
Olivia Parker
Hunter Burnett
Hailey Altomer
Rowan Clayton
Natalie Reed
Sawyer Williams
Madeline Welcome
Julia Darman
Brody Otty
Pepper Relyea
jesus Martinez
Abelardo Cruz
Andrea Callahan
Harper Bower
Nicholas Wendelken
Natalia Loyola
Melissa Perez Gomez
Jeremy White Jr.
Emma Weaver
Chase MacDonald
Lily Altomer
Mairin Ribar
Brooke Zoni
Bailey Stever
Andrew Loheit-Stewart
Stella Roy
David Fiess
Liam Elia
Aiden Rowley
Callan Stead
Caylee Rawlins
Quinn McCarthy
Cody Meehan
Melany Baautista Cruz
James Madrid
Bratten Bowan
Jazmin Perez
Mabel Fry