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Primary School students painted rocks and wrote on them something they are grateful for – then they placed them into a gratitude stone garden in front of the building.

October’s Character Trait of the month was Gratitude, and our students and staff had numerous ways to show their gratitude throughout the month.

Students learned about gratitude and what it means to be grateful. Through a variety of activities, they thought of things they were thankful for and found creative ways to display those throughout the building.

Building-wide at the Primary School, students worked to build a gratitude stone garden in front of the building. Each student painted a rock and wrote on it something they are thankful for. These stones were collected and placed on the grass in front of the school in the shape of a butterfly. Students also learned a song about gratitude and each grade level sang it together after placing their rocks in the garden. See the full photo album here.

Middle School students wrote on pumpkins donated by Altobelli’s Family Farm what they are thankful for. They are displayed in the lobby of the Middle School.

Each class in Grades 4 & 5 created gratitude pumpkins by writing on a pumpkin what they are grateful for. They are now displayed in the main lobby of the Middle School, where they will remain for as long as they stay fresh! We’d like to extend a special thank you to Altobelli’s Family Farm for generously donating pumpkins for our students. Students in grades 4-8 also wrote on ping pong balls what they are thankful for, and they are being added to the lobby display case periodically from now through Thanksgiving so our students can see their gratitude grow over time.

At the High School, October 29 was “Gratitude Grams” day. Students sent gratitude grams to classmates and staff. Each “Gratitude Gram” contained a nice message of gratitude and some candy as a token of appreciate for one another. Students ordered their Grams from October 25-28. They could choose the pre-made sayings or make their own. The grams were picked up on Friday morning for delivery. In total, students ordered 380 Gratitude Grams! All month long, students also had the opportunity to take gratitude slips to share with anyone for whom they wanted to express their gratitude.

Also at the High School, students and staff competed in Coin Wars to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness/Research