Congratulations to the Primary School students honored for displaying the November 2021 Character Trait: GENEROSITY!

Due to the safety measures in place this year, we could not gather the students together for the traditional big group photo so they met Principal Williams in small groups in the PS Foyer.

Amara McArthur
Lucas Howe
Rocco Casey
Harper LaTorre
Reagan Gildersleeve
Ian Rosas
Katherine Horowitz
Wyatt Hamm
Parker Sherwood
Chelsea Hallenbeck-March
Reid Webber
Dafne Martinez
Lucas Wright
Millar Riley
Emma Nerney
Raelynn Kilmer
Cataleya Johnson
Matthew Miller
Jennie Morrison
Claire Nicholson
Riley Richards
Riley Samascott
Ayrabella Hinchcliff
Johannah Dunn
Mason McMahon
Kiran Clayton
Marlee Hamm
Aria McGrath
Cassius Thornton
Autumn Hoffman
Isabelle Knightes
Lyla Pinkowski
Adalynn Peters
John Hildreth
Elliot LaTorre
Evan Parker
Bree Grimmel
Jacob Goodrich
Jonathan Cruz
Alanni Heusdens
Liam Reed
Olivia Phillips
Guadalupe Lezama Trujillo
Levi Kato
Ava Alessi
Oliver Bartels