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We are proud to announce Elise Kuhnen as our Rider of the Month.  This month’s character trait is “respect” and Elise exemplifies this attribute all the time.  Elise demonstrates respect for her fellow classmates, teachers, and for the school and classroom.  Elise is always kind and respectful toward others in learning groups and makes sure to include everyone.  Elise is polite and poised beyond her years and this characteristic allows her to show respect and empathy toward all.  We can not recognize Elise without also including how hard she works, what a positive attitude she has, and what a great sense of humor she has.  Elise is such a pleasure to have in our class!  Keep being amazing, Elise!

It is my honor to announce Cesar Loyola Bautista as our very respectful Rider of the Month. He is respectful and helpful with his classmates during team and group activities. Cesar both takes and gives suggestions and directions respectfully. He is dependable and conscientious in all that he does. We love having Cesar in our class. Congratulations! 

Allie Matthies is our proud choice for Rider of the Month.  Allie is unfailingly respectful of all of her peers and her teachers.  She is also exceptionally kind, caring, and generous.  Allie’s interactions with others are always polite.  She is a meticulous student who presents her best effort with each assignment she undertakes. We are so pleased to recognize Allie for her efforts; she is incredibly deserving of this award.

It is with great pleasure that I announce Olivia Allard as February’s Rider of the Month.  Olivia is consistently respectful of both adults and her peers. Her work ethic is impeccable, she is polite and is always kind to her classmates. Olivia is a positive role model for her peers.   Her bubbly personality is contagious. Olivia is one the biggest fans of ICC’s sporting events.  She has great school spirit! Congratulations Olivia!  Keep up the great work!

From the very first day, Miss Milani Fulton has demonstrated a genuine regard for every single one of her classmates. Whether friends or just acquaintances, Milani has treated them all with courtesy and consideration framed with a warm smile. Though this young lady is rather shy and reserved, she always has classmates around her like moths to a flame. When time permits, she even has peers from other classrooms asking to spend time with her. Milani accepts her classmates for who they are, no matter what. In other words, she respects them. Furthermore, Miss Fulton’s comportment towards the adults in the building, as well as her academic performance, have been exceptional; they have demonstrated the epitome of what it means to be respectful. It has warmed the cockles of our hearts to work with such a truly gracious, appreciative, and mindful young lady for the past six months. Milani’s diligence is second to none. She listens. She applies what she learns. We’ve seen in her written work that she values the guidance that the adults in her life have offered her. As educators of young people, there isn’t much more we could ask for. Thank you very much, Milani! Congratulations to you!!     

We are proud to recommend Brooke Stover as our February Rider of the Month! This month’s character trait is respect and Brooke has demonstrated this trait in many of her actions. She has shown growth as a sixth grader and is working hard to keep up with her assignments. She is friendly and respectful in class and is always ready to help students and teachers.  We are pleased to recognize Brooke for her efforts. Keep up the good work! Congratulations Brooke!

Respect is a trait that is both earned and given.  Max Wright is an exemplary example of this!  Max is always respectful of his peers and teachers. He is caring and listens to others without judgment.  His responses and actions toward others are thoughtful and kind.  Max is able to show empathy and understand the perspectives of others.  Max’s interactions with others are continually respectful.  Through these behaviors, Max has, in turn, earned the respect of both students and adults.  Max is well-liked and valued in the classroom.  Students are happy to work with Max and share interactions with him.  Adults appreciate the way he conducts himself and enjoy his contributions to their classrooms.  Thank you, Max, for being such a wonderful student and all around upstanding person!

Team 7 is proud to announce that Meghan Flanagan is our February Rider of the Month. In Meghan you will not find a more kind and giving person. She is strong in her convictions and generous of spirit. Meghan is hard-working and serious about her academics.  Meghan is busy with outside activities and extracurriculars but always stays engaged in her academics. She is a good friend and welcoming of everyone she meets. Congratulations Meghan! We think you are a wonderful example of an IC Rider. 

Team 7 is pleased to announce that Carter Hogencamp is our February Rider of the Month. Carter is always engaged in class, asks excellent questions and often has his hand raised to give answers. He is kind to his peers and always respectful to his teachers. Carter is affable and friendly, which makes him a welcome addition to our classroom. He has a great sense of humor and outlook on life. Congrats to you Carter! We are so happy that you are on our team!

The Split Team is grateful to have Amelia (Mells) Elghannani as a student.  She is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school.  Mells displays respect to her teammates by treating them with fairness and understanding.  She is a conscientious, hardworking student, and she brings curiosity to class discussions.  Mells is eager to learn and participates fully with each task she is given.  Keep up the great, work, Amelia!

The 7/8 is very pleased to recognize Holland Waits as the Rider of the Month.  She shows respect to herself, classmates, and teachers and is a valued member of the 7th grade.  During group work, Holland works democratically with her classmates by ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas.  Holland regularly volunteers to help in class.  She is conscientious and self-disciplined – but is unafraid to show her creativity.  Holland is an asset to our team and we are so proud of her!

Team 8 is pleased to announce that Erika Meza is a Rider of the Month of February.  The character trait for this month was respect and Erika exemplifies this with everything that she does.  She respects her teachers by being very polite and gracious in class to staff and students alike.  She does her work capably and judiciously at all times.  Erika is also respectful to her classmates and family members.  She is a good listener and is very helpful to others no matter the circumstances.  We are very proud to have Erika represent our team as Rider of the Month.  Great job, Erika!

Team 8 is pleased to announce Jesse Nerney as February’s Rider of the Month.  When faced with challenging situations, Jesse seeks out help appropriately; he takes the higher road and considers others’ feelings.  Regarding his school work, Jesse always approaches his teachers in a courteous manner, and always tries his best without complaint.  In general, Jesse follows the rules and is conscious of his actions and is a great role model for the character trait, respect.  Way to go, Jesse!!


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