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Ichabod Crane is very proud to announce that the district’s High School Nurse, Michelle Warner, was named one of only ten winners of the 2022 Times Union Salute to Nurses!

Michelle Warner

Photo Credit: Times Union

This annual tradition by the Times Union is now in its seventh year and honors Capital Region nurses who go above and beyond. A few months ago, Ms. Warner was submitted as a nominee by her colleagues at Ichabod Crane High School for the incredible work she always does and in particular since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The district was thrilled to hear when Ms. Warner was selected as one of the ten well-deserving winners from 600+ nominees!

“Despite the immense added challenges of being a healthcare worker in the past two years, Michelle has remained eternally positive and upbeat”, said Ichabod Crane Superintendent of Schools, Suzanne Guntlow.

“She is completely dedicated to the students and since the emergence of COVID-19 she has given up her own personal time on countless occasions to complete testing for students, contact impacted families, participate in vaccination clinics and volunteer for our local health department. When we had to reopen the schools in the midst of the pandemic she volunteered to take on the additional role of our district’s Nurse Coordinator. She was also a crucial member of our Health and Safety Sub-Committee which helped create our COVID mitigation protocols.”

One of the district staff members who nominated Ms. Warner for Salute to Nurses was Ichabod Crane High School Assistant Principal, Marcella Sanchez. “Michelle has been critical to the day-to-day operation of our school and the district as a whole in the last two years”, said Ms. Sanchez.

“Even during the most anxious times of the pandemic for schools when we were contact tracing through nights and weekends, Michelle was so patient, calm and knowledgeable when speaking with our students, their families and our staff. No matter how much work she had to do, she would make sure to answer all of the many questions people had to help clear up their confusion and ease their concerns. She’s incredible and our district would not have been able to weather the storm of this pandemic without her.”

Ms. Warner and her fellow Salute to Nurses winners were honored in a virtual luncheon celebration on May 20, the video of which you can see below (Ms. Warner is talked about at the 15:30 mark and speaks later in the video at the 30:30 mark). Ms. Warner and the other winners will also be featured in the special Salute to Nurses section in the May 22 edition of the Times Union.