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Hi, I’m Buster — I’m here to teach your children all about bus safety!

Please click here to see the 2022-23 bus routes.

Also, we encourage you to download the free Traversa Ride 360 App in your phone’s app store to get real-time bus arrival information during the school year.

We use Tyler Drive Technologies to accurately monitor our student ridership and the Ride 360 app gives you the most up-to-date information about bus arrivals in the morning and afternoon. Even if buses are running a little behind schedule, you’ll know using Ride 360.

Students will receive new Bus ID cards on their first day of in-person learning and they will scan them every time they get on or off the bus.

Ride 360 Student Registration Steps
  1. Download Ride 360 from your phone’s app store
  2. Register your student on Ride 360 using their Student ID Number. K-3 families can contact either the Primary Main Office (518-758-7575) or the Transportation Dept. (518-758-7575, Ext. 3551) to register in Ride 360.
  3. Once students are registered on Ride 360, you can see real-time updates for their bus arrival in the morning and bus drop-off in the afternoon. Call our Transportation Dept. at the number above if you have any questions.

For more information on ICC’s Transportation Department, visit: https://www.ichabodcrane.org/departments/transportation/