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Some staff trained at the Middle School on Monday, Aug. 29, to prepare for the first day, just days away.


Ichabod Crane is pleased to welcome the new staff hired for the 2022-23 School Year!
We are so happy that you have joined the Rider family.


District Wide

Mackenzie Rigg – School Communications/Information Specialist

Paige Martin – School Psychologist


High School

Danielle Rosa – Counselor

Heather Scarano – Special Education 

Tahnee Bickerton – Teaching Assistant 

Devyn Fernandez – Teaching Assistant


Middle School

Emma Accuosti – Teaching Assistant 

Jason Brewer – Special Education Teacher 

Nicholas Funk – Teaching Assistant 

Rachael Imbert – 4th Grade Special Education Teacher 

Heather LaTorre – Teaching Assistant 

Kristyn McHugh – 6th Grade 

Marisa McKay – Speech

Cheryl Meenagh – ENL

Lucas Silvis – School Counselor

Susan LaSalvia – Teaching Assistant


Primary School

Margaret Allen – Special Education

Nicole Canuteson – Special Education

Kelly Hindes – Grade 1

Christie Lynch-Sanford – Teaching Assistant



No new employees


Food Services

Lisa Cherwinski –  Food Service Helper Primary School

Heather Park – Food Service Helper High School



Anthony Mertz- cleaner

Terrell McArthur- mechanic



Sarah Harris