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On Monday, June 5, the Girls Athletic Council held its annual awards banquet. Please see the list of award winners below. Congratulations to all the recipients! (El lunes 5 de junio, el Girls Athletic Council celebró su banquete anual de premios. Consulte la lista de ganadores de premios a continuación. ¡Felicitaciones a todos los destinatarios!)

Beth Cahill Sportsmanship Award: Rebekah Grace

Northern Columbia Lions Club Outstanding Athlete Award: Emma Scheitinger

High Point Trophy: Ashley Ames



Varsity Swimming 

Most Outstanding Swimmers: Hannah Frances and Zoe Geiger


JV Softball  

Coaches Award: Riley Strobel   

MVP: Madi Paul


Varsity Softball

Coaches Award: Ava Heffner   

MVP: Emma Scheitinger 

Pitcher of the Year: Kari Graziano


Field Hockey

MVP: Caroline Small   

Coaches Awards: Courtney Danforth and Malati Culver



MVP: Samantha Lantzy  

MIP: Libby Spensieri


Indoor Track

Most Improved Field: Valerie Kopec

MVP Field: Allison Flint

Most Improved Runner:  Kristanna Samascott

MVP Runner: Isabella Scott

Coaches Award: Molly Clickman


Outdoor Track  

Most Improved Field: Ariana Melanson

Most Valuable Field: Allison Flint

Coaches Award:  Bailee Drummond

Most Improved Runner: Brianna Doria

Most Valuable Runner: Kiley Melanson

Coaches Award: Rebekah Grace



MVP: Melody Sundwall  

Defensive Player of the Year:  Sophia Hlavac


JV Volleyball  

MVP: Kathyrn Flint     

MIP: Aubrey Hover


Varsity Volleyball

MIP: Bella Rivero  

MVPs: Emma Scheitinger and Delaney More


JV Basketball

MIP: Melody Sundwall  

MVP: Skylar Konkle


Varsity Basketball

MVP: Carolina Williams 

Offensive POY: Ashley Ames

Defensive POY: Delaney More


Varsity Soccer  

MVP: Ashley Ames

Defensive POY: Ava Heffner

Coaches award: Bella Scott


Cross Country

MVP: Brianna Doria   

MIP: Emily Goodrich