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Superintendent Search 2023

Ichabod Crane CSD is seeking an exceptional leader with a vision for the future looking to make a commitment to our school community. Our superintendent works in partnership with the Board of Education to support programs and services that reflect the diverse needs of our community.

The preferred characteristics of the successful candidate will include:

  • A passion for public education and an advocate for our students and staff.
  • Experience as a teacher, building principal, central office administrator or superintendent (and is certified or eligible for state certification as a school district administrator).
  • A commitment to pursue innovation, creative problem solving and collaboration in meeting the school district’s mission and goals.
  • Strong background in curriculum development and providing equitable, inclusive, and diverse opportunities for all students.
  • A commitment to developing our students’ college, career, and civic skills.
  • A demonstrated record of working in collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • Outstanding communication skills and the willingness to consider diverse perspectives while mediating and resolving conflict when necessary.
  • Open-minded, approachable and the strength to make difficult decisions.
  • The ability to recognize, cultivate and retain teaching, administrative, and support staff talent.
  • A willingness to make a long-term commitment to Ichabod Crane CSD.

The Board will offer a competitive salary with attractive benefits negotiated on professional qualifications and demonstrated experience.

The deadline for applications was March 10, 2023. An Equal Opportunity Employer.

(Please send a letter of interest, completed application with essay, current resume, academic transcripts, and copies of administrative certification(s) to Dr. Gladys I. Cruz, District Superintendent, Questar III BOCES, 10 Empire St. Blvd., Castleton, NY 12033. Email: janet.sawyer@questar.org)

Board selects three community members to sit on stakeholder committee

The Board of Education has narrowed its superintendent search down to five candidates from a pool of 26 applicants. The Board is now in the process of creating a stakeholder committee to assist in the interview process. After asking for interested participants, the Board has selected three community members to sit on the committee.

Board releases online survey results

As part of the superintendent search, the Board of Education released an Online Community Survey, which asked participants to list questions they want the board to ask candidates, what they feel are the greatest needs of the district and to rate the characteristics for the position.

Questar III BOCES created the online community survey with input from the Board of Education. A link to the survey was initially posted on the district’s website on Jan. 19, and the survey closed on the evening of Feb. 1. A total of 583 people responded to the survey.

On March 2, the Board released a summary of the results of the Online Community Survey. Please click here to read the detailed report.