IT Device Care Instructions and Guidelines

Students in grades 9-12 borrowing devices – Chromebooks and/or MiFi Cards – from the Ichabod Crane IT Department during class cancelations should keep all the following guidelines in mind while they have district equipment in their homes.


Be Responsible:
  • Protective cases for the device will be provided and are expected to be on the device at all times. 
  • No stickers or writing are allowed on the device or case.
  • Students must take measures to protect the device from damage or theft.
  • At no time shall the device be used for unlawful or inappropriate activities.
  • The device, power cord and protective case that are assigned to the student are required to be handed in upon request.  The student may be charged if any of these items are missing.  
  • Students are not allowed to let others use their Chromebook.


Be Respectful:
  • Students must follow the Ichabod Crane Central School District’s Acceptable Computer and Internet Use and Safety Policies at all times while using district-issued devices.
  • Violations of the Acceptable Computer and Internet Use and Safety Policies or items stated in this document will be addressed by the school administration to determine the proper course of action.
  • No right of privacy exists in the use of devices provided by the school.


Security Reminders
  • Do not share logins or passwords
    • Exception: students are asked to share passwords with parents or guardians
  • Do not develop programs that harass others, hack, bring in viruses, or change others’ files
  • Follow internet safety guidelines


Caring for the Device at Home
  • Charge the device fully each night.
  • Use the device in a common room of the home.
  • Store the device on a desk or table – never on the floor!
  • Protect the device from:
    • Extreme heat or cold.
    • Food and drinks.
    • Small children.
    • Pets.