Rider Goals 2021

The Ichabod Crane Board of Education and the District’s administrative team collaborated in a professional and productive goal-setting process during two sessions facilitated by Jamie McPherson of the New York State School Boards Association. The result is ‘Rider Goals 2021,’ five overarching goals, effective from 2018 – 2021.

Rider Goals 2021 takes the place of the previous Strategic Plan and will continue moving the District toward a specific pathway that will guide it in budgeting, staffing and curriculum development.

Administration, faculty and staff will use the following goals to develop specific targets for each goal with supporting action plans to reach each target:

  • Goal 1: Student Achievement
  • Goal 2: Technology
  • Goal 3: Health/Safety and Community Engagement
  • Goal 4: Budget and Finance
  • Goal 5: Operational Support Services

Riders Pathway to Success (Goal #1: Student Achievement)

2019-2020 Riders’ Pathway to Success Metrics

2018-2019 Riders’ Pathway to Success Metrics


Target 1: Project 95

The District will strive for 95% graduation rate by the year 2024. There will be a 1% increase in the graduation rate for each of the next five years, starting in 2019.


Target 2: Course Failures

Reduction in course failures by 5% for 2018-19.


Target 3: State Assessments

Increase Mastery Level on Regents Exams by 5% and increase the Proficient Rate by 5% for students taking Grades 3-8 State Assessments for 2018-19.


Target 4: Student Proficiency Levels

Increase the number of K-2 students at or above grade level by 5% in reading, writing and math by 2018-19.


Target 5: Post-High School Preparation

ICC students will have access to college, career and life skills in their courses starting in the Middle School and will meet a set of proficiency standards for these skills prior to graduation.